Window Styles for Your Lexington SC Home

Picture windows add natural light and an element of nature into any room with unobstructed views and customizable design options available in a range of sizes.

Search out Energy Star-compliant windows with lower U-factors and higher VT ratings for improved insulation, reduced cooling/heating bills and extra savings – consider insulated frames too for even greater savings!

Sliding Windows

Sliding windows are an increasingly popular choice among homeowners who wish to frame the outdoors in style. By providing an unobstructed view, sliding windows allow homeowners to fully appreciate their carefully landscaped garden or monitor children playing outside, as well as taking in all of the sun’s rays.

Sliding windows feature less mechanical parts and require less upkeep compared to other window types. In addition, their horizontal opening mode means they take up less room when opened compared to other options. They’re an excellent solution for small spaces.

Double-pane sliding windows offer superior energy efficiency, helping keep indoor temperatures even and decreasing utility costs. Speak to one of Lexington’s window installation experts about installing energy saving ENERGY STAR-rated glass for increased savings.

Bay & Bow Windows

Bay and bow windows project out from your home for an eye-catching three-dimensional effect, usually featuring one large picture window in the center and two operable sidelights on either side; bow windows can feature four to six casement windows for more of an immersive feel.

Home bay or bow windows increase curb value while providing space for storage and seating. Their unique custom design options provide more customisation options for modern, transitional, or traditional homes.

Bay or bow windows are perfect for rooms that receive ample natural light, providing unobstructed outdoor views while simultaneously helping to direct airflow around the room and save energy costs. These energy-saving windows help redirect airflow around it as well.

Double Hung Windows

Double hung windows are popular choices among homeowners looking to improve home ventilation. Available with two horizontally sliding sashes that open outward, they feature various grid patterns and cladding materials to match different interior styles.

Our ENERGY STAR(r)-qualified replacement windows deliver excellent energy efficiency and comfort, boasting low U-factors and high visible transmittance (VT) ratings. Argon gas between glass panes helps prevent heat loss while blocking solar heat projection for year-round comfort – keeping homes warmer in winter and cooler in summer.

Insert installation is a cost-effective alternative to full window replacement, providing you with the opportunity to update existing frames with modern glass and sash while maintaining ventilation levels and functionality.

Awning Windows

Casement windows feature hinges at the bottom and open outward, making them perfect for hard-to-reach areas like above sinks where ventilation is important without blocking your view. Awning window hinges can also be found at the top, making these an excellent solution in spaces like above sinks that don’t provide access to natural sunlight.

There is an impressive variety of awning window frame materials, sizes and options available to meet your design preferences for cost, energy efficiency and maintenance considerations. Glass options may include sandblasted obscurity for privacy as well as grooved decorative glass or authentic divided lites.

Awning windows add an eye-catching and distinctive style to any home, adding both ventilation and scenic views while at the same time offering unique ventilation solutions. A great choice for Craftsman Bungalow homes, as well as large picture windows to maximize both.

Storm Doors

Install a storm door to provide extra protection for your front door, and lower heating and cooling costs with it. These doors reduce air leaks that lead to drafty conditions.

Choose windows with lower U-factors and higher VT ratings to increase insulation and energy efficiency in your home, and consider adding Low-E glass and argon gas to further increase performance.

Do not sacrifice natural light when creating privacy with our Nature Series decorative window films. This collection offers tasteful designs inspired by flowing water, leafy foliage and windswept sand to enhance the aesthetic of your home. Choose from various colors that fit seamlessly with your decor; these doors can even be installed into existing frames as insert/pocket windows!

Single Hung Windows

Homeowners in Lexington have many window replacement options to consider when updating their windows. Each type offers different costs, energy efficiencies and aesthetic considerations that may impact cost or aesthetic decisions.

Single hung windows differ from double hung windows by having only one moveable sash that opens from the bottom, limiting ventilation in rooms such as bathrooms and kitchens where frequent air exchange is necessary. They often fit more snugly into their frames with less air leakage; plus they’re easier to pair with window treatments from different manufacturers for vintage properties looking to preserve authenticity.