Benefits of Vinyl Windows

Vinyl windows Lexington SC

Vinyl replacement windows in Lexington SC provide many advantages that help improve home occupants’ quality of life, such as resistance against rot, termites and moisture damage.

Their high energy efficiency — boasting lower U-factors and higher Visible Transmittance ratings — helps cut cooling and heating expenses during both summer and winter seasons, and some qualify for federal tax credits to further offset installation costs.


Vinyl windows offer many advantages over their wooden counterparts: heat resistance, water proofing and UV ray resistance as well as being tough enough not to dent or scratch easily. No matter whether it’s time for replacement windows in Lexington or building new construction – vinyl replacement windows make an excellent addition.

Selecting the ideal windows for your Lexington home improvement project can have a dramatic impact on its curb appeal, energy efficiency and comfort levels. When looking for a window installation contractor in Lexington, look for one with years or decades of experience installing all types of replacement windows.

Chilly temperatures and high energy bills could be an indicator of poor insulation around your windows, with fogging between window panes signaling condensation or structural damage. A professional Lexington window installation company can assist in selecting durable, insulating frame materials to make sure your energy savings maximized – such as Energy Star-partner windows with low U-factors and high Visible Transmittance Ratings; double-pane construction using Low-E glass is another effective way of increasing energy efficiency in your home.


Vinyl windows come in an assortment of colors and styles to complement any exterior or interior design scheme. In terms of maintenance requirements, vinyl is easy to care for as it resists rotting, warping and pest infestation – simply wiping with mild soap and water should suffice in maintaining its beauty without needing harmful cleaners or stains that harm the environment.

Vinyl insulation provides excellent heat retention during the winter and keeps heat outside in summer, while helping reduce outside noise pollution for an overall more peaceful, serene, and comfortable experience in your home.

Choose double-pane windows rated ENERGY STAR with an argon gas fill and low-E glass coating upgrade to help save even more energy year after year. Sears offers an extensive selection of replacement windows in many styles – sliders, double-hungs and casements are among them – that can help save you money over time. Let one of their local experts assist with selecting the appropriate style and budget-conscious design – contact them now and arrange a free consultation!

Energy Efficiency

Vinyl window replacement solutions can be more efficient than aluminum or steel windows due to their hollow frames featuring hollow spaces that can be filled with high-performance insulation for increased insulating capabilities and reduced heat gain entering your home, helping keep it cool in summer months while warm in winter months.

Premium vinyl windows not only cut energy costs but also protect fabric and wood surfaces from the damaging UV rays that cause them to fade over time. Look for Energy Star-approved models which qualify for federal tax credits to further reduce installation costs.

SoftLite dealers in Columbia, Lexington, Dentsville or Seven Oaks offer a selection of single and double hung vinyl windows designed specifically to complement your Lexington home. Visit one of their showrooms in these cities to view these products in person and gain expert recommendations for replacing residential window systems.

Storm Protection

If your windows are showing signs of wear and tear, replacement in Lexington could be in order. Signs include drafty houses, rising energy costs and foggy windows – indicators that moisture infiltration or insulation breakdown have taken place in your home.

Other than beautifying your house and reducing energy costs, new windows can also protect you and your family from intruders and harsh weather conditions. Vinyl replacement windows have been engineered to withstand hurricane-force winds with minimal damage while simultaneously reducing noise transmission and providing superior safety features.

To maximize the insulating performance of your new windows, it’s essential that they feature low U-factors and high Visible Transmittances (VT). These features will reduce thermal transfer while still maximizing natural lighting. Furthermore, filling any spaces between glass panes with argon gas may further increase insulating properties and help your house remain cool during summer months and warm in winter while blocking harmful UV rays.