Sliding Glass Doors Lexington SC

Sliding glass doors Lexington SC offer homeowners many advantages. They require less floor space and allow more natural light into living spaces.

Drafty windows and high energy bills can be an ongoing source of discomfort in many households, so replacing them with modern replacement windows is a great way to increase comfort while decreasing utility costs.


Glass sliding doors add a contemporary aesthetic to your home while connecting its interior living space with nature. They allow natural light to stream in, showing off outdoor property views while adding contemporary style with their combination of natural elements that have become staples in today’s interior designs.

Gopi has an idyllic home in Saluda River Club and is in the process of redecorating her living room, yet she’s been stumped over how to style the wall that houses her large sliding glass door.

Gopi has an array of colorful furniture pieces in her space, but one wall remains “unfinished.” While window treatments provide light filtering capabilities, she needs something else on that wall to bring everything together and pull everything together into an overall cohesive experience. Her question is valid; many homeowners struggle with similar decisions.

Energy Efficiency

Sliding glass doors bring natural light into your home and reduce energy bills by providing plenty of natural lighting. For optimal energy efficiency, opt for sliding glass doors certified as Energy Star by the EPA; such doors feature low U-factors, an SHGC of less than 0.10 and an argon gas filling to help with their high insulating properties.

Due to their left-to-right opening mechanism, sliding windows and doors take up less space than their swinging counterparts, making them popular choices among homeowners with smaller homes looking to make them feel more expansive.

Sliding door panels with large glass panels offer beautiful views of your backyard landscape, children playing outside or surrounding scenery – providing a source of happiness in your home and lifting your mood throughout the day. Insulated frames in these doors help reduce energy bills by trapping hot air inside during winter and keeping cool air out during summer.


Sliding glass doors offer many attractive qualities to homeowners, including unobstructed views and access to outdoor spaces, but can present security issues. When left unlocked they make entry easier for thieves who might break in through weak lock mechanisms.

Sliding glass doors tend to be located at the back of homes and hidden from view, giving criminals ample time and covert entrance into your home without being noticed. Furthermore, they’re made out of tempered glass which can easily shatter.

There are various ways you can enhance the security of your sliding glass door, such as installing a security bar. A security bar is simply a piece of wood cut to fit inside the door track when closed – an improved and enhanced version of putting a broomstick there! There are also more advanced solutions such as burglar alarms or impact resistant glass doors which would make breaking through them harder for criminals.


Choose an energy efficient patio door and your home will remain comfortable all year long. Particularly during spring, summer and winter when temperatures fluctuate quickly, having quality windows and doors that look beautiful as well as energy efficient is key to maintaining comfort all year round. That’s why Lexington residents choose ProVia storm doors which feature 20% thicker aluminum walls than standard storm doors as an energy-saving option – choose between heights, styles, glass inserts and self-storing screens – that ProVia storm doors offer.