How Entry Doors Can Enhance Your Home

Entry doors Lexington SC

Entry doors make a statement and serve as an eye-catching feature of your home, adding curb appeal and increasing its value.

Creaky doors can be an indicator that it’s time for replacement, while moisture damage or wear-and-tear may also have caused issues.

Energy-efficient entry doors can help lower energy bills. These doors boast lower U-factor and visible transmittance (VT) ratings than regular windows, helping you save energy.


Fiberglass is an adaptable and resilient material used widely in house and building insulation, construction components such as gratings, pipes, scrubbers and tanks as well as reinforcement in composite materials.

Silicone rubber is an excellent insulator and corrosion resistance in marine environments, electrically non-conductive and resistant to abrasion, impact and chemical damage. Plus it’s lightweight for easier transport and installation than heavier metal materials.

Durable fiberglass doors are constructed to withstand nearly any weather condition without warping, swelling, or warping, eliminating the need for annual refinishing like wood doors require. Plus they’re more mold and rust resistant than steel so are an excellent choice for homeowners seeking the warm look of wood without its maintenance costs. ProVia entry door systems feature polyurethane cores, high performance window trims and ComforTech Warm Edge Glazing Systems which make these energy efficient ENERGY STAR certified door systems that keep cold air out during winter and heat out during summer – ideal for homeowners seeking wood without its maintenance costs or maintenance needs!


Steel doors are widely considered one of the safest materials for exterior doors. Thieves may be less likely to attempt breaking in using tools or physical force against such a hardy barrier, making steel more resilient against being kicked or used as a crowbar to break through it.

An added benefit of aluminum furniture is their minimal upkeep needs compared to wood or plastic models; aside from occasional touch-up painting and some protection against the elements such as rusting, all that may be necessary is occasional touch-ups of touch-up painting and some form of rust protection from the elements. Furthermore, unlike wood surfaces they don’t warp as easily and are better resistant to moisture damage than their wooden counterparts.

These doors can also feature features to improve energy efficiency. ProVia offers Legacy steel doors featuring insulating foam that reduces thermal conductivity and keeps heating/cooling costs low, making them an affordable option for homeowners seeking security, durability and energy efficiency.

Aluminum Storm Doors

Many homeowners install storm doors to shield their entry door from adverse weather, prolong its life and keep out bugs and pests, but many choose a low-quality product which doesn’t offer ventilation or complement their screen door (fig 1). Furthermore, inferior hinges often fail to keep the door in place properly leading to unsightly jigging effects in its frame and an overall unattractive aesthetic over time (fig 2).

Homeowners looking to upgrade from cheap storm doors should consider upgrading to quality products from industry leader ProVia. Their doors boast 20% thicker aluminum walls and come with multiple heights, styles, glass insert options (including self-storing screens) as well as superior weatherstripping to prevent drafts and heat loss – lower energy bills in turn – plus they come in an assortment of colors so you can find one to match any home’s color scheme perfectly!

Custom Doors

Doors can have a dramatic impact on the aesthetic, security and energy costs of your home. Exterior doors must withstand inclement weather while interior ones should blend into your decor seamlessly. Working with the right company will allow you to select, design and install custom-made doors that meet both your needs and budget requirements.

ProVia aluminum storm doors provide protection for entry doors against inclement weather conditions, with 20% thicker aluminum walls than their competitors and customizable heights, styles, glass inserts and self-storing screens – perfect for Lexington homeowners seeking to enhance their entryway!

Visit Window World showrooms in Columbia, Lexington, Dentsville or Seven Oaks to view a wide range of high-quality fiberglass entry doors for your home. Our expert team is always on hand to offer advice and recommendations – plus free no-pressure in-home consultations are offered throughout Columbia, Lexington, Dentsville Seven Oaks Augusta areas!