Why Choose Custom Windows?

Window replacement can be an important investment in both the aesthetic and functional appeal of your home, so be sure to select a window replacement project carefully so it is completed successfully and meets all your requirements.

Opt for windows with double or triple glazing to boost insulation. These features will lower heating and cooling costs and make your home more energy-efficient.

Energy Efficiency

Energy efficient windows can save homeowners money in the long run. By decreasing cooling and heating costs by improving insulation, energy-efficient windows help lower cooling and heating bills as well as protect carpets, furniture, and artwork from UV ray damage.

Window replacement companies in Lexington area provide numerous energy-efficient window options, including double-glazed insulated and fiberglass windows. These windows can help lower energy bills significantly. Available as single or double hung and casement styles.

ENERGY STAR(r) windows offer high-grade framing materials like vinyl and fiberglass, along with double-pane glass with Low-E coating and argon gas between panes to improve insulation. These windows are great for new construction as well as renovation projects; in fact, choosing these energy efficient options could even qualify you for tax credits! Furthermore, ENERGY STAR windows last longer and require less maintenance than older models.


Upgraded windows increase home insulation, cutting energy costs and drafts while improving draft prevention. According to estimates by the Department of Energy, heat loss through old windows accounts for as much as 30% of energy bills; upgrading with modern ones can significantly decrease those costs while making your Lexington SC home more comfortable for you and your family.

Custom or shaped windows are an effective solution for fitting odd-sized spaces where standard-sized windows will not. Available in various shapes and sizes–from circles and triangles to eyebrow-shaped accent windows–custom windows come in all sorts of forms to meet any space requirements.

If you’re planning to upgrade your windows in Lexington, choose a company with high customer ratings and comprehensive warranty coverage. They should also employ background-checked crews with experience installing window replacements. When interviewing potential contractors for replacement window installations, inquire as to any types of installation offered such as insert or retrofit installations – these methods offer convenient alternatives to full replacement that require less labor costs.

Visual Appeal

Modern windows and doors are designed to add beauty and value to any home, complementing both interior and exterior design. Replacing old windows with custom ones not only increases curb appeal but can increase market value as well. Furthermore, new windows reduce drafts and heat transfer which reduce energy bills and keep homes comfortable.

The top window replacement companies provide an impressive variety of models, styles, finishes and hardware options to meet their customers’ individual needs. In addition, they provide clear pricing information and reasonable estimates. To save money when purchasing new windows consider opting for standard sizes and colors which won’t add extra customizations that drive up costs further.

If you love a luxurious window style, identify which features most appeal to you and search for less expensive alternatives that meet them. If abundant natural light and scenic views are most important to you, choosing a picture window over bay windows can save money without compromising visual appeal; additionally purchasing all required windows at once helps prevent future increases in price.


Modern windows are specifically designed to insulate homes from outside noise and make living spaces more comfortable while simultaneously cutting energy costs by preventing air infiltration that strains HVAC systems and can lead to moisture damage. This improves living spaces for residents as well as saving on energy bills by keeping out drafty outdoor air infiltration that would cause HVAC strain and energy costs to skyrocket.

Window frames constructed of reinforced materials like vinyl or fiberglass provide increased security against break-in attempts, while laminated glass makes luxurious homes even more secure.

When looking for Lexington residential window replacement companies, choose ones offering Energy Star-partner products. These meet EPA energy-efficiency standards and lead to reduced heating and cooling bills while supporting an eco-friendly lifestyle. Be sure your windows come equipped with low U-factor ratings that maximize savings; additionally these features help block harmful UV rays while still letting in natural light; protecting homeowners while adding to resale value of properties.