Energy Star Bay Windows

Bay windows add dimension and natural light into homes, providing a focal point for furniture placement or other decorative pieces. When shopping for replacement windows, opt for those that meet Energy Star standards to maximize efficiency.

Double-hung windows open from both sides for ventilation, and can be upgraded with argon gas fills to improve insulation.


Bay windows are a beautiful feature in homes, adding extra floor space, creating reading nooks and increasing lighting. Unfortunately, bay windows may not be suitable replacements for all window types.

A bay window consists of three windows placed close together at an angle that projects out from your home, protruding outward. It can cost anywhere between $200 to $4,000 to replace an old bay window, depending on its type and frame, color choices, customization features such as energy-efficiency options or add-on features like built-in benches.

Lexington homeowners looking for cost-effective window options should opt for single-hung windows with a lower sash that slides up and down, though double-glazed options might provide greater energy savings. Impact windows protect furniture and other household items from UV ray damage while UV protection helps you avoid expensive repairs and replacements in the long run. Furthermore, newer windows have features designed to reduce noise from outdoors as well as limit pollution exposure.

Energy Efficiency

Installing upgraded windows can be an economical solution to improve indoor temperatures, ease HVAC loads and cut utility costs. According to the Department of Energy, heat loss through inefficient windows accounts for about 30% of home heating and cooling expenses.

Bay windows Lexington SC provide plenty of natural light without being subjected to UV rays, making them an energy-efficient option for your home. Furthermore, double-pane windows with Low-E glass can keep your house warm in winter and cool in summer – the ideal combination for keeping energy costs under control!

Fiberglass or vinyl frames offer significant energy cost savings for homeowners in Lexington. Energy Star-certified models provide even further savings by meeting EPA energy-efficiency guidelines while simultaneously decreasing consumption significantly.


Selecting quality windows is essential in modernizing any home. Achieving energy efficiency while adding beauty can not only raise property values but can also add significant equity. With Lexington SC’s unpredictable climate and unpredictable rainstorms, replacement windows must be durable enough to endure both intense sunlight and torrential downpours.

Bay windows with three panes of glass provide panoramic views and let in more natural light into living rooms and kitchens. Furthermore, these windows can become focal points within a room and serve as the ideal place to display special memorabilia or family collections.

Double-hung windows feature operable upper and lower sashes that move freely, creating better air flow within your home. Furthermore, Low-E, or low-emissivity, glass can help lower heat transfer to keep you warmer in winter and cooler in summer – and may even protect furniture from harmful UV rays.


Lexington’s unpredictable climate requires windows that can withstand even the toughest of weather conditions. Your new windows should be weather-resistant to prevent air infiltration that drives up energy costs, overburdens HVAC systems and spreads mold throughout your house.

A bay window protrudes outward from a home and comprises three windows: opposing double-hung or casement ventilating double-hung or casement windows and an architectural upgrade central picture window. They make an ideal addition to rooms where more lighting or architectural upgrades are desired.

Latitude 33 safety and security films offer an effective defense against burglary, vandalism, accidental damage and more in entryway, first-floor and other vulnerable building glass surfaces. These physically strong windows feature virtually invisible shields that meet stringent performance standards; additionally they help improve indoor comfort by blocking excess sunlight and reducing drafts; these retrofit installations can fit seamlessly into existing frames for quick installation or as inserts/retrofit installations.