How to Choose the Best Window Replacement in Lexington SC

Reduce energy bills and drafty cold air leaks caused by old or poorly fitting windows with replacements from Sears Home Services experts in Lexington that are Energy Star certified. We offer top quality replacement windows at great value that are energy-saving windows.

Choose a window installation company accredited by major manufacturers and the Fenestration and Glazing Industry Alliance (formerly AAMA). Read reviews and check local references to ensure their service remains excellent.

Frame Material

Finding an energy-efficient window frame material can significantly enhance energy efficiency in Columbia climate conditions. Look for low U-factor and high VT ratings windows with Low-E coatings and double pane construction to maximize insulation and daylighting capabilities.

Single-hung windows feature an easily operable lower sash that moves up and down for ventilation, making them an excellent option for homes with limited vertical space. Double-hung windows also allow airflow while offering additional ventilation options with tilt inward sashes for easy cleaning.


Window glass has a significant effect on both energy efficiency and style in your home, so selecting one should reflect both your lifestyle and architectural requirements.

Consider double-pane windows filled with argon gas between their glass panes for optimal thermal performance and reduced solar heat gain. This provides extra thermal efficiency while mitigating solar heat gain.

Get windows certified as ENERGY STAR-rated to lower utility bills. These windows meet stringent energy-efficiency guidelines such as low U-factors, high VT ratings and Low-E coatings – saving money every month on energy expenses!

Argon Gas

Argon, an inert gas found throughout Earth’s atmosphere, is non-toxic and odorless; appearing steely blue under high pressure. Argon can be used to insulate multi-pane windows by filling gaps between panes with insulation material such as Argon gas.

Argon gas is also used for 3D printing and creating an oxygen-free atmosphere when heat treating metals. Some homeowners may prefer using krypton instead of argon because its smaller molecules work better in tight spaces between triple panes of glass.

Energy Star Rating

If you’re shopping for new replacement windows, choose models certified as ENERGY STAR models to save energy by keeping your home cooler during summer and warmer in winter. ENERGY STAR certified windows help your family save energy while saving the planet at once!

Quality frame materials and double or triple pane glass windows make ideal replacement window insulators, along with Low-E glass with reduced air leakage rating to increase energy efficiency and cut installation costs further. You may even qualify for federal tax incentives which further lower installation expenses! Be sure to select a company with experience, public and private credentials for maximum quality workmanship when making this important investment decision.

Single-Hung Windows

Single-hung windows differ from double-hung in that only one window sash moves up and down, providing homeowners with easier airflow control while keeping up with aesthetic standards in their home.

Seek windows that meet ENERGY STAR certification to reduce heat transfer and energy bills, features like Low-E glass and argon gas fill may further boost their effectiveness, as can cladding materials and grille patterns that complement architectural styles and design preferences.

Double-Hung Windows

Double-hung windows feature two operable sashes – one on top and one at the bottom – making them versatile windows that complement any architectural style, are easy to clean, and safer for children than single-hung ones.

Airflow windows allow air to pass freely between both sashes for maximum ventilation, making them perfect for second and third-floor windows. Their tilt inward feature makes cleaning both sides of the glass much simpler from inside your home – they’re also great options for historic properties.

Insert or Pocket Installation

Your window choice makes a significant difference to energy efficiency. Energy leakage due to old or damaged windows can increase power bills significantly; double-pane windows insulated with argon gas and Low-E glass can significantly decrease this issue.

Full frame replacement may be difficult for homes with stucco or brick exteriors, but insert windows use existing frames to reduce installation costs while creating an airtight seal to maximize energy savings. The best window companies provide wide product selections with robust warranties policies as well as cost-efficient pricing strategies.

Retrofit Installation

If you prefer the look of older windows but would like to improve energy efficiency in your home, retrofit installation might be right for you. This method keeps the existing frame while replacing sash and glass components.

Search for windows bearing an Energy Star label, as this demonstrates they meet government efficiency guidelines. Windows with lower U-factor and Visible Transmittance ratings will help reduce utility bills; additionally, consider Low-E glass coatings or other energy saving features to add further savings.