Patio Doors for Lexington SC

Patio doors are perfect for our mild climate, providing natural lighting through large expanses of glass and welcoming in natural sunlight. Choose from various styling options that complement any home design style.

The Jeld-Wen Siteline Clad-Wood Patio Door combines the functionality of both hinged door and bi-fold door into one stylish package. Featuring flush-glazed glass for an uninterrupted view of outdoor surroundings and protection from UV radiation. Furthermore, energy efficiency is prioritized through Low-E glass which helps cut heating and cooling costs significantly.


Vinyl has made significant advancements as a patio door material due to its strength, energy-efficiency and durability. It can withstand Lexington’s diverse climate conditions – sunny days as well as heavy storms – without warping or fading and is therefore an excellent option for homeowners who wish to upgrade existing doors without breaking their budgets.

ProVia and Alside vinyl sliding patio doors are designed to offer seamless transition between indoors and outdoors, featuring code-compliant tempered glass and an interlocking meeting rail. Their insulated frames come equipped with compression bulb seals and closed cell foam gaskets to block drafts or leaks and protect against drafts or leaks. Furthermore, these high-performance patio doors can even help lower utility costs with packages like Low-E and Argon gas-filled chambers certified as Energy Star certified Low E packages, in addition to providing sleek aesthetic designs that match architecture perfectly.


Aluminum patio doors provide a sleek, modern aesthetic and make a smart choice when looking for energy efficient windows. Their narrow frames maximize daylighting and viewing space and fit seamlessly with many architectural styles. Furthermore, these strong yet long-lasting doors won’t warp or rust over time; plus with options like wool pile weatherstripping, warm edge spacer systems, Low E coatings and gas fills they also produce superior energy performance.

Wood patio doors boast timeless beauty and an appealing warm feeling that many homeowners find appealing. Though wood requires some maintenance over time, its durability means it will stand up against weather elements for many years to come.

Add an extra layer of protection with Renewal by Andersen ProVia storm doors from Lexington SC for greater durability. Their 20% thicker walls exceed industry-standard models while customizability options include height, style, glass inserts and self-storing screens.


Wood patio doors offer an elegant way to connect the indoors to the outdoors, blending seamlessly with different architectural styles while offering superior insulation. However, they require more care and maintenance than aluminum or vinyl options – regular cleaning and staining help keep them looking their best.

Wood patio doors are known for their strong, secure construction. Their interlocking rails prevent anyone from entering your home without permission, while multi-point locking mechanisms further boost security. Furthermore, these doors can even come fitted with screens to provide further protection from intruders or pests.

Finding the appropriate patio door Lexington SC for your home can help ensure its quality, value, safety and functionality. US Window & Door has the knowledge necessary to assist residents in making an informed decision regarding which option best meets their needs – visit our showroom to view all available doors – we proudly serve Columbia, Lexington, Dentsville Seven Oaks Augusta homeowners!


Your patio doors play an integral role in how easily indoor and outdoor spaces blend, not only providing style but also acting as protection from weather patterns or any potential intruders.

US Window & Door offers homeowners looking to upgrade their patio doors an abundance of energy-efficient replacement doors with low U-factor and Visible Transmittance ratings – perfect for providing year-round thermal protection while lowering energy costs and making space more comfortable.

ProVia entry door series offers the strongest wood imitation on the market. Perfect for historical homes, its designs blend in seamlessly while outperforming real hardwood doors in durability and longevity. Furthermore, our LowE/Argon glass upgrade carries Energy Star certification so as to increase energy efficiency in your home even further. Contact us to discover all our options available to Lexington customers.