Selecting Residential Windows for Lexington SC

Lexington’s climate requires windows with insulation frame materials and energy efficiency features that can withstand the elements. When selecting windows in this manner, energy savings objectives must also be kept in mind.

Search for companies certified by top manufacturers and industry groups such as Fenestration and Glazing Industry Alliance (formerly AAMA). Read online reviews, check Better Business Bureau ratings, or ask friends and family for referrals.


Energy-efficient windows reduce air leakage, helping you cut heating and cooling costs, while protecting valuable furnishings from UV rays that could fade them over time.

For optimal window replacement performance, select ENERGY STAR-certified frames made of either vinyl or wood with double paned windows for insulation and an argon gas fill between panes.

Low-E glass provides another cost-saving measure, reflecting infrared radiation and UV rays while transmitting visible light – features which may help lower energy bills during extreme climate months like summer and winter.

Low-E Glass

Low-E glass has been carefully engineered to maximize energy efficiency in colder climates. By employing various metals in its coating, long wavelengths of thermal radiation are filtered out while shorter wavelengths (the visible light spectrum) pass through unimpeded.

Low-E glass also helps block UV rays from entering living spaces, helping prevent sunburn as well as gradual fading to carpets, drapes, and furniture over time.

Choose the appropriate coating depends on multiple factors, including climate and window orientation. The US Energy Star program makes this easier by setting minimum energy performance standards in each climate zone; choose one that best fits your project for improved energy performance and tax rebates!


Single-hung windows resemble their double-hung counterparts in shape and character, offering the ideal balance of cost and energy efficiency. Available with low-E glass and an insulated frame to help keep the temperature inside your home even in winter and cool in summer, single-hung windows offer great energy-saving solutions that balance costs with efficiency.

These shelving units are easy to use and perfect for areas with limited vertical space, providing easy maintenance with multiple styles and trim options available to choose from.

New construction window installation is the preferred method for new homes or major renovation projects, providing full flexibility when selecting style, size, material choices and frame materials. An experienced Lexington window installation company can assist in selecting suitable frames with high insulation properties such as vinyl or fiberglass; select glasses with low U-factor ratings that provide optimal daylighting capabilities while still having low heat transference costs.


Double-hung windows feature an iconic design that blends in effortlessly with virtually every architectural style. Their simplistic maintenance and ventilation solutions include opening either the top or bottom part for more air flow.

Double hung windows can be found both in new homes as well as renovation projects, and come in an assortment of sizes and materials such as aluminum, vinyl, or wood for their cladding material.

No matter your aesthetic preferences, energy efficiency goals will also play a part in choosing windows for your home. When it comes to energy performance, look for windows with low U-factor and visible transmittance (VT) ratings to maximize energy performance.

New Construction

Replacement windows and new construction windows are two main categories of window products available on the market. New-construction windows should only be used when walls remain intact with access to studs directly, whereas replacements fit into existing frames and require minimal modifications for installation.

Double-hung windows open from either end for ventilation, while casement and sliding windows feature tilt inward sashes that make cleaning easy. When selecting new construction windows, look for models with low U-factors and high VT ratings to maximize energy savings. When considering frame material as insulation measures differ; contact Lexington window installation companies about differences between standard vinyl and engineered vinyl frames as these options could significantly affect longevity and energy efficiency.