Window Contractors Lexington SC

If drafty windows are costing your energy bills money, hire a window installer local to you to install replacements. Choose one certified by the manufacturer with an excellent track record in customer satisfaction and local presence.

Double-pane ENERGY STAR windows with Low-E glass can keep your home cool in summer and warm in winter while filtering out UV rays that cause furniture, floors and carpeting to fade over time.

Single-Hung Windows

The best window installation companies provide extensive product offerings, strong warranties policies and budget-friendly prices. In addition, they should boast impressive Better Business Bureau ratings as well as strong relationships among previous customers.

Single-hung windows feature an operable lower sash that opens to allow air into your home and feature a classic aesthetic, making this window style suitable for traditional and historic properties.

When purchasing Lexington replacement windows, look for Energy Star-rated models featuring Low-E glass coating and double pane construction. For optimal insulation performance, upgrade to triple pane models that encase air or argon gas between each pane – the latter options can also increase insulation performance by sandwiching air or argon gas between each window pane to enhance insulation properties.

Double-Hung Windows

Window installation companies in Lexington can install double-hung windows to provide excellent ventilation and energy efficiency. These windows feature vertical sliding sashes which overlap in the middle for easy cleaning from within your house, with tilt inward sashes for cleaning from within as well.

Energy-efficient models feature Low-E glass that blocks harmful UV rays and keeps homes warm in winter and cool in summer. You may even consider double-pane windows with argon gas as insulation to further boost efficiency.

Window installation options range from insert or pocket installations – which fit into existing frames quickly – to retrofit installations, which let you keep some parts of the existing windows that remain structurally sound.

Casement Windows

Casement windows create a tight seal when closed, significantly decreasing air leakage and drafts while helping reduce energy costs and making homes more comfortable. This insulation benefit also contributes to reduced energy bills and an enhanced experience inside.

Hand crank windows make opening and closing them simple even in hard-to-reach places, such as above the kitchen sink or projecting bay or bow windows. Furthermore, they provide excellent ventilation while letting in more light than other window types.

To increase energy savings, look for Energy Star-partner models with lower U-factors and high Visible Transmittance (VT) ratings. Upgrades may cost an extra $5 to $15 per window upfront but can often pay for themselves through future energy savings.

Tilt-In Windows

Tilt-in windows feature a sash that can be tilted inward for ventilation and cleaning purposes, making this style the most popular. Available as both single or double hung models, tilt-in windows offer better air flow in the home while remaining safe for children and pets.

Tilt-in windows are easy to operate, giving homeowners many options for letting in fresh air. Simply unlock the bottom sash, slide inward the wash assist tabs, and tilt inward with caution to let in fresh air. Alternatively, turn open the handle fully for maximum ventilation on hot days – these stylish European-style windows bring plenty of European charm into any home!

Energy-Efficient Windows

Heating and cooling costs account for much of a home’s energy costs; with energy-efficient windows from JELD-WEN, these costs can be reduced significantly – creating more comfortable living conditions and helping save on utility costs.

Search for double-pane ENERGY STAR(r) windows made of double-pane windows filled with inert gases such as argon to enhance insulation and block drafts, helping regulate interior temperatures, decreasing moisture accumulation and mold buildup, as well as protecting carpets, drapes and furniture from sun fading. Double-pane windows also allow more ventilation and cleaning – especially in rooms on second-story floors – than single pane ones; you also have installation options like insert windows or pocket installations for faster installation or better fitting windows!

Frame Materials

Your choice of window replacement frame material has an enormous influence on both cost and aesthetic considerations when undertaking this project. Your energy efficiency goals, local climate conditions and aesthetic preferences should all play an integral part.

Wood frames are timeless and an appealing feature in traditional homes, while clad wood frames provide the beauty of wooden windows while shielding them from moisture damage and wear-and-tear.

Clad wood and aluminum-frame windows that meet Energy Star-partner standards also come equipped with low U-factors and high VT ratings for ventilation purposes – helping reduce energy costs without compromising natural lighting and ventilation needs. Selecting suitable windows styles and materials is key to making your house more comfortable while increasing value.