Door Installation Lexington SC Boosts Curb Appeal and Lowers Energy Costs

Door installation Lexington SC is an essential step in any home renovation project, helping to increase curb appeal and energy efficiency in the process.

Select windows with low U-factors and high Visible Transmittance (VT) ratings to maximize energy savings. Double-hung replacement windows offer greater ventilation options thanks to their lower sash moving up and down with each opening and closing action.

Replacement Windows

Window replacement should be an integral component of home improvement projects as inefficient windows can increase energy bills, strain HVAC systems and allow moisture damage. Upgrading from single pane to double pane models that meet ENERGY STAR guidelines will make your home more energy-efficient while increasing comfort levels and decreasing costs.

When searching for Lexington contractors to install replacement windows, be sure to select those offering extensive product choices, strong warranty policies and budget-friendly prices. Inquire whether the company is certified to handle lead paint removal as well as whether its employees have undergone background checks.

Consumer Reports suggests choosing Energy Star-partner windows with low U-factors and high VT ratings, as well as cladding materials that reflect solar heat while still permitting light transmission. Also consider awning windows which hinge top-to-bottom to open outward for easier ventilation while still opening completely. Lastly, if your current frame is in good shape consider pocket replacement that fits inside its existing sash and frame for further cost-cutting benefits.

Storm Doors

Storm doors provide your entry door with extra protection against sun exposure and reduce energy costs by limiting heat gain. Furthermore, they keep out rain and snow – helping ensure its beauty for many years to come!

Renewal by Andersen offers ProVia storm doors with features such as self-storing screens and customizable height options to fit into any home, as well as 20% thicker aluminum walls than industry standards and sturdy frames for greater stability. In addition, their energy-saving glass packages qualify as Energy Star qualified packages to reduce air conditioning bills even further.

Pet owners who prioritize their pet’s wellbeing can enjoy a smooth transition between indoor and outdoor spaces with this solution, eliminating the need for separate pet doors while providing constant access for pets to come outside whenever they please. Furthermore, this solution prevents unwanted intruders from accessing the house – serving as an effective deterrent against burglaries.

Garage Doors

Garage doors are an integral component of home exterior design and come in various styles. Hung from overhead tracks and operated either manually or with remote control, garage doors typically constructed of galvanized steel for durability can also be insulated to reduce heat or cold transmission.

Panels can be attached directly to the door face and come in various styles such as flat, raised, herringbone and tongue-in-groove. Furthermore, decorative pieces like cross bucks, V-bucks or clavos add character and define your door with elegance.

Older garage doors often use extension springs to counterbalance their weight, with each spring threaded with a containment cable to prevent broken parts from flying around the garage. Regular inspection, maintenance and professional repair or replacement (if necessary) of these springs must take place to ensure safety; qualified professionals can identify potential issues and recommend repairs accordingly.

Entry Doors

An entry door replacement can increase security, durability and energy efficiency for your home. Replacing old or damaged doors with new ones will keep intruders away while protecting against South Carolina weather extremes.

Professional door installation experts can help you select and install the ideal door to suit your style preferences and architectural design of the house. Furthermore, they will make sure it complies with safety and energy efficiency regulations.

Renewal by Andersen offers Lexington homeowners an assortment of fiberglass and steel entry doors designed to meet their needs. Their Embarq and Heritage series doors are ENERGY STAR certified and can be enhanced with high performance glass packages to increase insulation values; additionally they come in a range of wood patterns, stains and paint finishes for optimal viewing pleasure. Meanwhile Legacy Steel entry doors provide extra protection from intruders or adverse weather by being made of 20-gauge steel insulated with polyurethane foam with built-in weather stripping features built right in for optimal viewing pleasure.