Sliding Glass Doors Lexington SC

Sliding glass doors are a standard feature of many homes. They typically consist of two panels and stand 80 inches high; however, other sizes may also be available.

Double-hung windows feature both upper and lower sashes moving, giving more control of airflow than single-hung models. They are often the best option when selecting new construction windows.

Energy-efficient replacement windows

Energy-efficient replacement windows can improve your home’s efficiency and decrease utility bills. Drafty or outdated windows that leak heat or cold air are straining HVAC systems and leading to higher utility costs; by upgrading with more energy-efficient options you’ll reduce these expenses as well as protect health and comfort in the process.

Opt for a window installation company with an impressive track record in customer service and product selection. Look for one with ENERGY STAR-certified double pane products featuring Low-E coatings, inward tilting double hung windows and full screens to prevent air infiltration.

Sliding windows operate smoothly by sliding along an rail, offering various configurations to fit into your space. Bay and bow windows add dimension, while casement windows feature outswing designs with crank-style handles for ventilation. Other styles available are awning windows with hinges at the top to let more natural light in, and fixed windows which don’t open at all.

Aluminum patio doors

Patio doors serve multiple functions in connecting interior and exterior spaces of a home, from adding aesthetic appeal to being protective against weather elements. Furthermore, they must accommodate for the rooms that they open into.

Our aluminum patio doors are energy efficient, featuring low-emissivity glass and argon gas between their panes for improved energy efficiency and daylighting/viewing area increase. In addition, their sleek frames add light and viewing area while giving your home an aesthetic enhancement that complements its architectural style.

Renewal by Andersen offers comprehensive storm door installation services in Lexington and offers ProVia storm doors which are 20% thicker than industry-standard ones – ideal for keeping debris and rain from entering their custom front doors and creating leakage issues. They’re even equipped with self-storing screens for additional convenience! ProVia storm doors can also be fitted to single and double paneled sliding patio doors.

Storm doors

Sliding patio doors allow natural light into rooms and homes, brightening them with abundant daylight and making indoor-outdoor living seamless. Their large glass panels let in ample natural light, brightening them further while simultaneously transitioning seamlessly between indoor and outdoor living spaces. Their vinyl gliding panels comply with code standards for tempered safety glass while their track system features heavy gauge steel components to provide long-term performance.

Although sliding glass doors are durable, their lifespan tends to be shorter than other door options due to constant use and harsh weather conditions that damage hardware such as latches, rollers, tracks, fasteners and fasteners. There are numerous effective solutions available that could extend its life significantly if this becomes an issue for your doors.

Sliding glass doors without secure locks are more vulnerable to break-ins, but there are simple solutions available to enhance security without sacrificing aesthetic. Install a metal bar in the track so it becomes harder for intruders to jimmy open; select patio doors with code-compliant splined screens for added strength; or install metal shutters as an added layer of defense.


Sliding glass doors create a beautiful link to the outdoors while helping control home climate and security. Proper care and maintenance can extend their lifespan, though environmental factors and constant use may contribute to issues that compromise their functionality; such problems may be avoided through periodic visual inspections and prompt troubleshooting.

If you notice signs of sliding glass door problems, such as being unable to open or close the door, it’s wise to contact a professional immediately in order to prevent an escalation in severity. A specialist can inspect the sliding door in question in order to identify underlying issues which could be contributing to its issues.

An expert can recommend methods of improving the operation of a sliding door, such as switching out cleaning solutions or applying different lubricant methods. They may also advise how best to approach certain tasks safely and efficiently – this may also help avoid warranty considerations, since unauthorized repairs could void it entirely.