Casement Windows Lexington SC

Energy-efficient windows can lower energy costs while offering comfort and increasing home value. When shopping for replacement window solutions, seek ones with low U-factors and high VT ratings to maximize energy savings.

Casement windows feature an easy way of opening and closing with a hand crank, making them suitable for hard-to-reach areas such as above kitchen sinks.


Casement windows differ from picture windows by opening outward like doors for fresh air to enter, making them the ideal solution for sunny spots or walls that need ventilation, like kitchens and bathrooms. Furthermore, their wide frames maximize visibility for unobstructed views of outdoor scenery.

Windows with operable side vents offer another key benefit: they capture side breezes and channel them directly into your living spaces to keep the temperatures comfortable throughout our hot summer days. Furthermore, these windows boast tight seals which keep out moisture and insects.

When shopping for replacement windows, look for models certified as Energy Star which provide energy-saving features such as low U-factors, visible transmittance (VT), and argon gas fills between panes for increased insulation. This can help lower utility bills while making your home more comfortable and healthy – and may qualify for federal tax credits!


New windows can help reduce energy costs by trapping heated and cooled air within your home, adding beauty and increasing its value. They come in a range of styles to match any style or need. When selecting energy-saving models with low U-factors and high VT ratings for maximum savings.

Single-hung windows open by sliding the lower sash up or down; double-hung windows offer greater airflow control through opening both upper and lower sashes at once; bay and bow windows add dimension by including shelves and seating areas in their design – ideal for homes with limited space or where window areas are restricted.

Casement and awning windows open outward via rotation on a hinge, requiring minimal maintenance and being easy to operate. Their operability extends even on rainy days as you can open them 90 degrees, providing ample ventilation even on an overcast day. You can install them alone or combine them into Bow or Bay Windows for maximum effect.

Easy to operate

Your choice of windows will have an enormous influence on your home. Beyond aesthetics, replacement and installation decisions will affect energy efficiency and comfort levels – inefficient windows can increase energy bills significantly while placing strain on HVAC systems and even leading to mold growth – so replacing ineffective ones for more energy-efficient ones may provide the greatest upgrade results.

Sears offers a selection of replacement windows designed to meet any need, from single-sash sliding windows and bay or bow windows to energy efficient options with Low-E coatings and double pane construction ENERGY STAR(r). Plus, casement windows open outward with just the turn of a handle to bring fresh air into your home–perfect for hard-to-reach spaces like hard corners of rooms! You can find replacements to meet every budget!

Easy to clean

Casement windows not only maximize light and frame stunning vistas, they provide some of the best ventilation available to any window type. Opening outward with an easily operated crank handle, these casements are an ideal choice for spaces such as above the kitchen sink where double-hung windows won’t fit.

Casement windows create an airtight seal to help control energy costs by limiting drafts during both cold winter months and hot summer days. This feature helps ensure draft-free comfort levels year round!

Casement windows’ tight seal provides them with added protection from intruders and the elements. Their horizontal opening makes them easier for fire escape routes than single-hung windows; another reason Lexington homeowners often choose these windows when planning family safety plans and remodelling projects. Their flexible design makes this window type highly popular among both builders and remodelers in Lexington.