Choosing the Right Window Replacement for Your Lexington SC Home

Window replacement Lexington SC

Selecting windows with low U-factor and high VT rating ratings to maximize energy efficiency.

Before making your selection, always check reviews and ratings of window companies as well as for referrals from friends or family.

Double-hung windows

Double-hung windows are popular because they allow both window panes to move up and down easily, fitting seamlessly into various architectural designs while being easy to keep clean. Plus, double-hungs are an energy-saving choice!

homeowners select window materials based on their energy efficiency goals, local climate conditions and aesthetic preferences. Aluminum windows offer sleek designs while wood and vinyl offer more durability with lower initial costs up front. Energy efficient models with lower U-factors and visible transmittance ratings reduce energy usage significantly while helping homeowners save on heating and cooling bills while potentially qualifying them for tax credits.

When shopping for new windows, look for contractors with wide product offerings, strong warranties policies and positive customer experiences. It may also be beneficial to see how long a local company has been doing business.

Awning windows

Windows are an integral component in conserving energy, as evidenced by estimates from the Department of Energy that heat gained or lost through old and damaged windows may account for up to 30% of home power bills. Replacing old, inefficient models with energy-efficient models is an excellent way to increase insulation while decreasing costs and energy bills.

Awning windows are well-known for increasing ventilation in homes, making them a top choice in hard-to-reach locations like kitchen sinks and bathrooms. Awnings also work well in small spaces as their outward opening preserves interior space rather than swinging inward.

These windows are user-friendly, and offer a range of finishes and glass options that meet any style preference or privacy concern. If privacy is of primary concern, try obscured-view glass which has been frosted or sandblasted to provide the ultimate in protection from prying eyes.

Single-hung windows

Single-hung windows are an enduring classic in America’s residential windows, and make an ideal addition to older properties with authentic charm. Their single movable sash allows air circulation while their tilt inward design offers optimal ventilation.

Buy energy star certified windows to cut heating and cooling costs in Lexington SC. Dual paned windows feature argon gas between their panes for enhanced insulation in cold climates.

Bay and bow windows create a striking focal point in any home by combining multiple single-hung, double-hung, casement, or picture windows into an eye-catching focal point that increases natural light while adding depth. They come with various style options to match any decor and feature various finishes that add the perfect finishing touches.

Insert or pocket installation

This installation method is less invasive and takes less time, yet still offers many advantages over full frame window replacement. However, this installation type may not be appropriate for windows with structural issues as an installer cannot inspect existing frame for signs of rot or other issues without taking down exterior trim and may not be possible to install new windows if openings are too small.

Double-hung windows from Lexington Window Company feature an adjustable lower sash to regulate airflow, making them a good option for homes with limited vertical space. Select windows with low U-factors and visible transmittance (VT) ratings to keep your home warm in winter and cool in summer, and look for those that qualify for Energy Star tax credits that could further offset replacement costs.

Retrofit installation

Homeowners in older properties who need new windows often find full-frame replacement more cost-effective than replacing only the glass alone, since this type of installation includes both frames and sashes for enhanced insulation against heat and cold.

Argon gas helps improve insulation between glass panes. Coupled with an energy star rating, this can help homeowners to reduce energy costs and save money over time.

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