Front Entry Doors Lexington SC Boost Curb Appeal and Reduce Heating and Cooling Costs

Front entry doors Lexington SC

Front entry doors should be constructed from materials that are strong against weather elements while remaining stylish and aesthetic. In addition, they should provide protection from intruders while cutting heating/cooling costs.

Front door glass allows natural light to fill living spaces, creating an inviting entryway. Add sidelights or transom windows to increase curb appeal further.

Curb Appeal

An attractive entrance door adds instant curb appeal and sets the scene for what potential buyers can expect inside your home, setting expectations about its interior design and quality.

Exterior door replacement can be one of the best investments a homeowner can make to their home, providing increased security and energy efficiency while adding an element of style.

Wood doors are a classic front door replacement option, and offer timeless beauty that can be enhanced with customized features such as decorative wrought iron trim. Wooden doors can also be painted or stained to complement existing house colors, or homeowners can go for bolder hues to make a statement through their door replacement choice.

An attractive entryway gives buyers the impression that a property has been well taken care of, creating a comforting aura when inspecting a property even if there are minor disconfirming factors to take into consideration.


A front door sets both an inviting and secure atmosphere for guests entering a home, serving both practical and aesthetic functions. To create the best first impression for visitors entering, the perfect front door must be durable against weather elements yet easy to open and close; attractive enough to complement its home’s facade while reflecting individual tastes; it should also offer enough privacy while reflecting individual taste – adding glass door options like sidelights (rectangular windows on either side of a door frame) or transom windows (rectangular or semicircular windows above a front door) can help provide brightening the entryway without sacrificing privacy – giving more light into an entryway without compromising privacy; these features provide ample light while maintaining personal taste.

A new door can also help protect your home from energy loss. Pella fiberglass front doors feature insulation to lower utility bills and make life more comfortable year-round, while wood offers natural insulation properties and steel provides strength against harsh weather conditions. For added peace of mind, opt for a Baldwin lockset featuring multipoint locking mechanisms designed to resist prying attempts.

Energy Efficiency

Your front door must be sturdy against weather elements while also making an impressionful first impression upon visitors to your home. Insulation helps lower energy costs during both winter and summer; any poor seal can allow a significant portion of heating or cooling energy to escape, ultimately costing more money over time.

Seek doors with high insulation values and low air leakage rates. A door’s U-factor provides an indicator of its ability to prevent heat loss; additionally look out for doors featuring argon gas blends or low emissivity coatings which further add insulation value.

Fiberglass entry doors offer energy efficiency benefits over steel or wood alternatives, as they don’t conduct heat like steel does. Plus, fiberglass is strong and moisture resistant making this an excellent material choice suited for Legacy steel or Embarq fiberglass models that include sidelights or transom windows in circular, partial, and full formats with ComforTech Warm Edge glazing to keep interiors comfortable.


Your front door is an integral component of the design and security of your home, serving to provide strength against weather elements while creating an impression of protection for visitors. To maintain its appearance and functionality, routine cleaning must take place.

Wood, fiberglass and metal doors should all be regularly inspected to spot signs that they require repairs. Steel doors in particular may develop rust if exposed to salty air and moisture – to avoid this happening you should use warm water mixed with dish soap as a deruster once every month or so.

If you want to improve the energy efficiency of your front door, consider adding sidelights and transoms for added natural lighting that brightens up your entryway. Renewal by Andersen or ProVia storm doors offer extra protection and reinforcement of custom front doors by protecting their durability with glass inserts, self-storing screens and other features for optimal performance.