Custom Doors For Your Lexington SC Home

Custom doors Lexington SC

Lexington SC is one of South Carolina’s fastest-growing areas, boasting an attractive combination of an affordable cost of living, top-rated schools and various businesses – not forgetting Riverbanks Zoo which can also be found nearby.

Energy efficient replacement windows in Lexington can help lower utility costs. Select from ENERGY STAR-qualified models which provide better insulation, while offering higher Visible Transmittance values to bring more natural light into your home.


No matter if it’s interior doors to control light levels and increase privacy or exterior front doors to boost home security, Lexington SC door dealers and installers offer products designed to make your dreams of installing top quality doors come true.

Energy-efficient replacement windows can help lower heating and cooling costs while simultaneously improving comfort in the home. Look for models certified by the ENERGY STAR with low U-factors and high Visible Transmittance ratings to further lower heating and cooling expenses and expenses associated with window replacement projects. You may even qualify for federal tax credits to further lower expenses associated with window replacement projects.

ProVia provides an assortment of entry doors to match any aesthetic preference, from traditional wood-look styles to sleek and modern fiberglass entry doors. For added protection, consider installing one of ProVia’s storm doors over your custom front door; their 20% thicker aluminum walls than industry-standard models offer superior strength and durability, with height options, styles, glass inserts and self-storing screens to select from.


Your doors should add aesthetic beauty while providing added security and energy efficiency for your home. Our collection of steel and fiberglass doors provide the ideal combination of strength and style to meet all of your needs.

Selecting the ideal door for your home requires careful thought. Wood doors offer timeless beauty, yet require frequent upkeep to protect from environmental conditions. On the other hand, steel doors are highly durable and abrasion resistant – an excellent choice for busy households.

Choose from a wide range of design options, such as wood patterns, stains and colors. Additionally, decorative glass inserts and self-storing screens are also available. For added protection consider investing in one from Renewal by Andersen or ProVia with an insulated polyurethane core and rot-resistant materials that help prevent leaks, drafts and high heating/cooling costs.


Doors should not only enhance your home’s appearance, but they should also offer adequate levels of security. That is why door dealers and installers must carefully consider your specific needs when choosing doors for installation or sale; exterior doors must withstand weather elements while fitting seamlessly into its architectural style; while interior doors must complement your decor and provide maximum privacy.

Renewal by Andersen offers ProVia Legacy Steel storm doors crafted with 20-gauge steel and equipped with an insulating foam core to prevent leaks and drafts that increase heating and cooling costs. Or for something with more traditional styling, Heritage fiberglass entry doors mimic authentic hardwood doors in durability and performance while offering multiple styles, finishes, glass accents and wood features to meet all aesthetic preferences.


Door installation is one of the key elements in improving and protecting your home. Expertly installed doors ensure security and privacy while simultaneously improving energy efficiency and lowering heating and cooling costs. However, installation requires precision and careful preparation; homeowners should seek assistance from an expert handyman service in order to complete this project safely and successfully.

Renewal by Andersen offers a selection of custom designs to meet your door installation needs. Their Embarq fiberglass entry door series, for instance, boasts an extensive variety of wood patterns, stains, and colors to complement any architectural style while their multiple levels of ComforTech glass allow you to control how much sunlight enters living spaces.

Legacy steel entry doors boast insulating foam to help avoid drafts and leaks that impact energy costs, as well as windows certified with the ENERGY STAR(r), featuring low U-factors and high Visible Transmittance ratings for maximum energy savings. For added protection, ProVia provides storm doors.