Choosing the Right Entry Doors for Your Home

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Your front door is often the first impression visitors have of your home, so it should reflect both your individuality and match the style of its surroundings. Aside from being visually appealing, a sturdy door that protects from weather elements should also be easy to open and close; creaking doors indicate worn-out hinges or moisture damage that leads to higher energy bills than expected.


One of the key factors affecting the value of your home is curb appeal. One way to enhance this aspect is with an entry door that matches its design; fiberglass doors are popular due to their attractive appearance and sturdy build.

Energy efficient fiberglass furniture features insulating foam cores that keep drafts out while also lowering heating and cooling costs, unlike its wooden counterpart which may warp or rot over time.

Fiberglass can be formed and molded to almost any desired form, enabling manufacturers to create realistic wood grain textures, adding depth and dimension to your home’s design. You can even get fiberglass doors resembling scrolled iron work or even Old World textures for an Old World touch.

ProVia’s Legacy Steel and Embarq fiberglass entry doors utilize durable materials designed to keep your home secure, quiet, and comfortable. Their insulated foam core and solid deadbolt areas offer safety while decorative door glass options and high definition embossing add further customization options.


Steel doors have long been a trusted solution for protecting a home. Engineered to withstand even the toughest households and weather, these durable doors don’t warp or rust – making them the ideal option to secure any residence.

Modern front doors come in various styles and colors, offering glass windows and inserts to add style and enhance curb appeal. With such options available to you, your door can look more modern while adding curb appeal by giving off a sense of modernism and modernism.

These doors are also insulated, helping keep energy bills down while some models even offer double insulation for extra energy efficiency.

Style has come a long way with steel doors in recent years. Now, homeowners have more choices when it comes to selecting replacement doors from this material – from smooth steel with simple designs or wood textures, embossed embossments or naturalistic embossings for a natural-looking appearance; plus they come with multiple factory-painted paint colors so they can personalize their new door installation project.


Wood entry doors combine style and security into one timeless package. Their natural aesthetic can enhance your home’s curb appeal while their durability can add significant value when selling property.

Wood doors react more closely to changes in climate and humidity than fiberglass or steel ones, leading to gaps around their frames that allow heat to escape and drive up energy bills. Modern door technology offers solutions such as corner pads that seal gaps between sill and weatherstrip for extra energy savings.

ProVia provides four lines of wood entry doors that meet ENERGY STAR qualifications and increase energy efficiency. Their Heritage fiberglass series is perfect for historical homes while Embarq doors combine realistic woodgrain appearance with fiberglass construction that surpasses authentic hardwood doors in durability. Furthermore, these customizable doors come with various wood patterns, stains and colors available so as to suit interior design preferences perfectly.


Aluminum front doors are popular choices among homeowners seeking a sleek aesthetic. Available in anodized and powder-coated finishes that resist scratches, dents and corrosion damage as well as being lightweight and easy to keep clean, aluminum doors also boast excellent acoustic capabilities that help block outside noise from invading their home.

Aluminum front doors offer homeowners an economical and low-maintenance option that won’t rust like steel or wood options, plus their slim profiles fit right in with contemporary architectural styles while providing maximum natural lighting. Aluminum doors also make a great energy efficiency option, and homeowners in Lexington, Dentsville, Seven Oaks and Augusta who prioritize energy savings can add insulation material for reduced heating and cooling costs.

ProVia provides custom aluminum front doors designed to complement every architectural style. From durable Legacy steel doors to the realistic wood-look Embarq fiberglass options, each door is meticulously handcrafted for lasting quality assurance and certified by ENERGY STAR(r). Some styles even boast energy savings with their insulating foam core technology.