Energy Efficient Residential Windows

If your old windows let cold air leak in and raise utility costs, consider purchasing energy-efficient replacement windows such as double-hung models that open vertically to allow cooler air in from below and hotter air out through their top openings. This allows cool air to enter from below while hotter air escapes upwards.

Select a residential window installation service provider who can provide local references and industry certifications. Enquire about frame materials, energy-efficiency features and customization options before making your selection.


Double-pane windows (commonly referred to as dual pane) have become the go-to choice for homeowners thanks to their durability, low costs, and energy saving properties. Consisting of two glass panes joined together with an air gap filled with an inert gas such as argon for superior insulation properties – helping prevent heat transfer while keeping home temperatures at an even temperature level, which in turn saves on energy bills during both the winter and summer seasons.

The space between two glass panes helps minimize noise pollution. From railway tracks and busy streets to intrusive neighbors, noise pollution can easily enter through single-pane windows, disrupting your privacy. Double-pane windows offer the ideal solution to block exterior noise pollution and create your personal sanctuary.

Choose frames with low U-factor and VT rating ratings to minimize energy costs while protecting against UV radiation. This energy-saving frame material also protects from potential UV ray damage.


Utilizing low-emissivity glass coating can significantly boost energy savings. This coating reflects infrared radiation while blocking harmful UV rays to lower heating and cooling costs while also protecting carpets and furniture from discoloration over time. Any reputable Lexington window installation service should use this technology when installing windows for you.

Energy-efficient windows feature multiple panes of glass to minimize heat loss and condensation. Double-pane windows are typically chosen as replacement residential window replacement options; triple-pane models offer greater energy savings. Triple pane windows may even be upgraded with argon gas insulation to further increase insulation value.

Make energy savings even greater in any climate with windows that feature lower U-factors and high visible transmittance (VT) ratings to increase energy savings. Cladding materials may further enhance performance. You could even opt for insert or retrofit installation if cost efficiency is a priority; this method keeps the existing frame intact while replacing both sash and glass components.


One of the easiest and cost-effective ways to increase energy efficiency at home is by replacing or repairing window weatherstripping. This simple step prevents drafts from entering living areas while keeping air conditioned within.

Make an investment in windows featuring denser than air argon gas that enhances insulation by filling between glass panes – this feature can significantly lower energy bills, while Energy Star-qualified windows with lower U-factor and higher Visible Transmittance (VT) qualify for federal tax credits.

Select vinyl, fiberglass or wood frames when replacing Lexington window replacement projects to increase energy-efficiency. These materials provide more insulation than aluminum or steel frames and storm windows can further add insulation. When selecting window installation companies consult them regarding materials available as this will help determine the optimal type of window for your home.

Energy-efficient window installation

Installing energy-efficient replacement windows Lexington SC can significantly lower both carbon footprint and utility costs in your home. Look for models certified as Energy Star partners with low U-factor ratings and high Visible Transmittance ratings to maximize savings.

Selecting the proper frame material can greatly impact the efficiency of your window. Aluminum should be avoided in favor of fiberglass or wood frames – an experienced Lexington professional should be able to help you select an optimum choice that meets the needs of your home.

Double-hung windows feature two movable sashes that move up and down, providing greater ventilation than other window types. However, those looking for even greater airflow control may prefer awning windows, which also tend to be energy efficient; many models feature hinges at the top of the frame that opens from below like doors – some models even contain denser gas such as argon that adds insulation properties making these more cost-efficient in extreme climates.