Why Choose Double Pane Windows?

Windows are essential to the comfort and enjoyment of any home, which is why it’s crucial to find an established Lexington window installation contractor when replacing residential replacement windows.

Energy efficient double pane windows featuring argon gas between the panes of glass and low-E coating provide increased energy savings over traditional single pane windows, keeping your home warmer during winter and cooler during summer months.

Energy efficiency

Double pane windows are the go-to choice of Lexington County SC homeowners due to their durability, low costs, and energy saving properties. They feature two glass panes joined together with an air gap in between, filled with an inert gas such as Argon for increased insulation capacity.

Fogging or condensation between window panes indicates a broken seal that allows outside air into your home, leading to higher heating and cooling bills. A professional window installation contractor can recommend double pane windows with tighter seals that offer greater performance.

Casement windows feature hinges at either end and open outward to let in plenty of fresh air into your home, adding style and function. They come with many designs to fit any architectural style as well as features like an argon filled sash and Low E coating for improved performance, making them the ideal choice for Lexington SC homes.

Increased home value

Replace windows are an ideal way to improve energy efficiency or add comfort in any home, as they provide long-term solutions and employ employees who have undergone background checks as well as top quality materials. Choose a reputable Lexington window installation company offering this long-term investment option for maximum success.

Double-Pane Windows

Lexington replacement window professionals frequently opt for double hung windows as one of their go-to replacement solutions, as these windows feature upper and lower window sashes that open vertically to maximize ventilation. They come in various styles to match many architectural designs; additionally, Energy Star certified double hungs offer enhanced insulation properties as well as Low E coating to boost energy efficiency.

Among the many choices for new construction projects are awning windows, which hinge at the bottom and open outward to let in sunlight and fresh air even on rainy days. Awning windows also come available as retrofit installations to existing frames.

Reduced outside noise

Double pane windows offer superior insulation, helping keep out winter chill and keeping warm air in during the summer heatwaves. In addition, their reduced air loss helps lower energy bills.

depending on their thickness of glass, frame material and Low-E coating, double-pane windows can help block outside noise effectively. They work best when all single-pane windows in a house have been replaced with double-pane ones.

Awning windows are ideal for letting in natural light and fresh air during light rainstorms, while also offering protection from cold temperatures. They are typically mounted over doors or other windows and hinged at the top to open outward. Their classic design makes them popular choices in homes around the country; however, their non-insulation qualities don’t suit every climate condition; for regions that experience extreme cold climates it may be prudent to upgrade to triple-pane windows for additional warmth.

Increased comfort

double pane windows offer superior insulation to help regulate the temperature in your home and lower energy costs, as well as decrease noise pollution and improve comfort levels.

These frames can help prevent condensation between window panes, which occurs when outside air temperatures are warmer than interior air temperatures, allowing moisture to enter your home and cause moisture-damage that leads to wood frame rot and mold growth.

An air spacer is placed between each piece of glass and an inert gas such as argon or krypton is added for optimal insulation purposes. These gases act as an insulating layer between cold outdoor air and the warm indoor air to keep your home comfortable year round.

For maximum efficiency when selecting a window replacement company in Lexington, make sure they have an established presence and years or decades of experience with installing all types of windows. This will give them an in-depth knowledge of Lexington’s climate as well as any unique homeowner needs in Lexington.