Casement Windows in Lexington SC

Casement windows feature hinges on either side that open outward with just the twist of a handle, making them the ideal solution for hard-to-reach areas such as over sinks. Their design also provides more natural light and ventilation than many other window styles.

Add an elegant aesthetic with bay and bow windows by combining multiple window panes into an eye-catching bay or bow design, both inside and outside your home. Look for Energy Star-certified options with low U-factors and high VT ratings to reduce energy bills and make your space more energy-efficient and comfortable.


Vinyl window frames have quickly become an alternative choice due to their easy maintenance requirements and durable nature, unlike their wood counterparts that require frequent painting and woodwork skills for maintenance. This material’s easy care makes them popular among homebuilders.

Crank-handled windows open wide for full views and easy ventilation, giving you easy access to daylight while maintaining privacy. Choose from an assortment of colors and finishes that meet your style preferences; Energy Star certified versions with low U-factors and high Visible Transmittance ratings can offer optimal daylight comfort while saving on costs.


Modern windows are all extremely energy efficient, but casement windows offer additional ventilation benefits. When closed they create an airtight seal which prevents air infiltration.

Choose from an array of design variations to complement the decor in your home, whether that means grilles for an authentic look or without them to maximize natural light and maximize views.

Select energy-efficient models with low U-factors and Visible Transmittance ratings to reduce utility costs in Lexington County SC. Some models even come equipped with Argon gas filled between window panes for increased insulating properties.


Crank window are designed to open wide using a crank handle, providing ample ventilation in areas not reachable by double hung windows or sliding ones. They pair nicely with awning windows for an aesthetically pleasing and contemporary look.

Homeowners usually choose window materials based on aesthetic preferences and energy efficiency goals for their local climate. Aluminum windows are an economical and durable choice that perform like Energy Star products when equipped with thermal breaks to prevent heat transference. Plus, when combined with argon filled glasses they provide similar energy savings potential.


Bay windows can make any entryway shine both aesthetically and practically. A classic bay window typically consists of a picture window in the center surrounded by double-hung or casement windows on either side for ventilation purposes.

Casement windows use a crank mechanism to open outward on a vertical axis, making them one of the most energy efficient operable windows available. They come in single- or double-hung frames and offer various glass options including Low-E glass which helps keep homes cooler and more comfortable by blocking harmful UV rays and keeping interior temperatures lower.


Bow windows are stunning projecting window styles that can significantly improve airflow inside your home, featuring casement windows to offer stunning views of your surroundings from within the house – especially beneficial for parents wanting to watch their children playing outside from inside, and homeowners with beautiful landscaping to appreciate from inside their house.

Bow windows come equipped with numerous customization features, such as built-in storage areas and designated window seats. Energy efficiency features like insulated frames, double pane glass panels and Low E coatings can further increase their utility.


Transom windows can be found above interior doors and provide ample natural lighting in hallways. When combined with awning windows, transoms also help frame an opening and create a wall of glass.

Transom windows come in various shapes to match any style. Plus, with grilles and colors to further personalize their appearance and complement your home.


Egress windows satisfy building code requirements for safe exit in case of fire or other emergencies, unlike regular windows which cannot open fully due to their crank handles. Egress windows feature one side hinge so they can open wider.

Windows can also be glazed to allow more light and fresh air in. Look for windows with energy-saving features, like argon gas between panes. New construction installation offers more value and quality.

Double Hung

Double hung windows offer convenient ventilation at the turn of a handle and can also tilt in for easy cleaning, making them an excellent complement to awning window styles.

Pella windows are among the most widely-used in Lexington homes, as they provide ample air circulation even in multi-story properties with children or animals living within.

Double hung windows differ from single-hung ones in that both their top and bottom sashes can be opened independently for improved ventilation, making cleaning much simpler than sliding windows.


Awning windows operate similar to doors, pivoting outward or upward on a single-point hinge that you control with a turn crank inside the window and offering plenty of air flow for ventilation thanks to their wide-angle opening when opened.

Chandeliers direct breezes like sails of a ship to keep indoor rooms breezy, comfortable, and cool. Additionally, no muntins obscure views – making these suitable for homes with attractive landscapes or expansive vistas.