Types of Residential Window Installation

Your window replacement choices can have an immense effect on the curb appeal, comfort level and energy efficiency of your home. By familiarizing yourself with various residential windows available today, you can make an informed decision for your next home improvement project.

Consider investing in double-pane windows with low U-factors and high VT ratings to help regulate temperatures in your house, reduce air conditioning costs and block noise pollution. There are even energy Star rated models with customizable frame colors and options.

Single-Hung Windows

Homeowners looking to replace their windows have two choices for replacement windows: single-hung and double-hung models. Both offer ventilation options, but double-hung models offer greater airflow versatility throughout a home while making exterior glass cleaning simpler for second-story properties.

When selecting a residential window installation company in Lexington SC, take into account their local experience and reputation. Read online reviews, contact your Better Business Bureau and seek references from family and friends before selecting one. Furthermore, look for companies offering various frame materials, energy efficiency features and customization options as possible candidates for consideration.

Quality window installation is key whether you’re seeking energy-efficient windows or simply want to increase the value of your home. Visit a factory showroom for full views of available window styles and materials such as beautiful wood, low maintenance vinyl and durable fiberglass; as well as entry door options in wood, steel or fiberglass.

Double-Hung Windows

Sears replacement windows come in an extensive selection of styles and sizes to complement any Lexington home. Take advantage of a free in-home consultation to select which window style works best in your Lexington space; plus explore custom features like grille designs, handles and colors that make each window a design feature!

Replace old single-pane windows that let in cold drafts or have poorly insulated frames with energy-efficient replacement windows that meet or surpass federal standards for U-factor and Visible Transmittance ratings to lower utility bills and save money! When shopping around for replacements, look for U-factor and Visible Transmittance ratings which meet or surpass them for optimal savings on utility costs.

Double-hung windows feature two movable sashes that can be opened vertically to provide an unobstructed view and improve air circulation, while casement windows hinge from one side and open by crank to provide increased ventilation while keeping your home secure – ideal for hard-to-reach areas and hard-to-reach places alike. Specialty bay and bow windows add even more design flair.

New Construction Windows

If you’re building or expanding on an existing home, new construction windows offer unparalleled flexibility in style and size options. Select the windows best tailored to meet your specific requirements while being protected with an installation warranty covering the whole installation process.

Reputable Lexington window installation companies should be certified by leading window brands and industry groups such as Fenestration and Glazing Industry Alliance (formerly AMMA). Furthermore, they should offer local references as well as provide an exhaustive list of services provided.

If you prefer minimalist designs that maximize space, sliding windows could be the solution. They can easily open and close horizontally to provide access, making them the ideal option for rooms overlooking patios or walkways where outward opening windows would obstruct views. Bay and bow windows add drama while creating cozy reading nooks; selecting energy-efficient models will also save money on utility bills while helping protect the environment.

Energy-Efficient Windows

According to the Department of Energy, heat gain/loss through windows accounts for roughly 25%-30% of a household’s energy use – representing an amount that could be saved with new, efficient models.

Double hung windows feature vertically opening sashes that allow cool air from below and hotter air from above to pass through, making for improved ventilation and easier cleaning in spaces like bathrooms or kitchens.

Triple-pane insulated windows, consisting of three panes of glass with the spaces in between filled with either argon gas or air, prevent heat transfer much more effectively than non-insulated windows. Lexington SC window installation companies that excel in this regard should offer various options and offer reasonable timelines and clear overviews regarding material and installation choices; in addition to providing manufacturer warranties as well as tax credits for energy-efficient replacement window installations.