Energy Efficient Window Replacement in Lexington SC

Your Lexington home could be losing energy due to outdated windows and poor insulation, leading to increased utility bills and uncomfortable temperatures indoors.

Look for a window installation contractor with an excellent track record and proven success in installing windows successfully. Also consider companies that provide zero percent APR financing options to minimize upfront costs.

Frame Material

Frame materials used for replacement windows have an enormous influence on their durability, energy efficiency, maintenance needs and overall aesthetic appeal. A great Lexington window installation company will offer various choices tailored specifically to you and your preferences.

Wood frames are timeless classics, perfect for adding style and warmth to any interior design scheme. However, moisture damage may compromise their integrity over time and require regular sanding, sealing and painting maintenance for proper operation.

Aluminium frames are an economical, light and low maintenance choice that are great for warmer climates as they won’t warp or mold from humidity changes. Some manufacturers incorporate thermal breaks and argon gas into their aluminum frame design to improve insulation and performance further.


Windows that do not close or open properly are an obvious telltale sign they need replacing, as this compromises ventilation and leads to energy losses, increasing heating and cooling bills significantly.

Ascertain a window company offers various window styles – single and double-hung to casement and sliding; years of experience and local references from satisfied homeowners should all be considerations when making a selection.

Frame material plays a significant role in window insulation properties, so select durable vinyl or fiberglass models that are energy efficient. A reputable Lexington window replacement company should also offer double-pane windows filled with argon gas that reduce energy costs by filling gaps between panes.

Installation of new windows with frames may be more costly, but can help enhance both your home’s appearance and value. A Lexington window installer can assist in selecting an optimal style – double-hung, casement or sliding windows may all work depending on what best meets your needs.

Argon Gas

Argon gas is an inert, non-reactive gas used to improve thermal insulation between panes of double-pane windows, keeping warmer air inside during winter and cool air outside during summer. Argon can also be added between fluorescent or incandescent light bulbs to decrease filament oxidation and protect them from ultraviolet radiation damage.

Double-pane windows filled with argon gas can be more energy-efficient than air-filled ones, helping seal energy leaks that occur between rooms in your home, keeping it cooler in summer and warmer in winter. Some homeowners even opt for triple pane windows to increase energy efficiency further and choose windows with low U-factors and visible transmittance ratings as additional insulators.

Energy Star

Replacement windows certified as Energy Star can lower energy costs and emissions while helping preserve climate stability.

Opt for frames composed of vinyl or fiberglass with added insulating foam and double pane ENERGY STAR glass windows with high DP ratings to combat air infiltration, water penetration and forced entry.

When replacing windows at your home, be sure to select a provider who offers a thorough project plan and clear timeline, product and installation warranties that cover long-term needs, online reviews from past clients as well as references from local business contacts are important factors in finding a quality, high-performance window installation service provider. This way you can have confidence knowing you will receive quality, high-performance windows installed.

New Construction

When purchasing windows for your home, energy efficiency and solid support are top priorities. JELD-WEN is one of the world’s leading window and door manufacturers and offers an assortment of doors and windows designed to improve both curb appeal and performance in homes across North America.

Replacement windows with the ENERGY STAR seal of approval offer better insulation and can significantly lower heating and cooling bills by keeping warm air inside while cold air escapes through cracks in the window panes. There’s also a selection of double-pane windows featuring Low-E coatings or argon gas between panes for extra insulation and energy savings.

Finding the appropriate Lexington window installation company can help ensure the success of your replacement project. Search for an established firm with background-checked employees and an extensive warranty plan.