Energy Efficient Entry Doors Boost Your Home’s Curb Appeal

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Your front door must withstand both nature’s forces and daily demands while also contributing to its curb appeal. Doors that squeak open or close could indicate worn hinges or moisture damage in your home’s structure.

ProVia aluminum storm doors feature 20% thicker walls than industry standards and come equipped with self-storing screens for added privacy and protection for you and your family.

Energy Efficiency

Your old front door may no longer provide enough insulation to control energy costs effectively, which is why replacing it may be essential to cutting costs. That is why finding the ideal solution from local door dealers is essential – both visually pleasing and energy efficient solutions exist!

Your chosen doors must stand up to the elements, look stylish and provide security for both family members and guests. In addition, they should add to the value of your home; according to Remodeling Magazine’s Cost vs Value report, installing new entry doors could increase it by as much as 6.6%.

Your doors should insulate living areas, keep out weather elements, and let more natural light into the room. Look for doors with low U-factor heat transfer rates and high Visible Transmittance (VT) ratings so more light can come through your living areas. ProVia doors feature polyurethane cores as well as their signature ComforTech Warm Edge glazing system to make sure your home remains cozy all year round.


Your front door is one of the first things visitors notice as soon as they step foot inside your home, so it should be sturdy enough to withstand intruders while remaining stylish enough for creating an inviting first impression.

Replacement entry doors are reliable, energy-efficient and secure solutions for modernizing any home. They reduce heating and cooling costs while increasing indoor comfort levels and curb appeal.

Durability features include coatings that prevent denting, splitting and warping as well as insulated foam that blocks air and water penetration. ProVia Signet fiberglass series doors are the ideal fit for historical homes while the Embarq wood imitation entry door boasts ENERGY STAR certification – surpassing authentic hardwood in terms of durability.

Energy-efficient entry doors come equipped with thermal breaks between their inner and outer skins that work to block out unwanted heat or cold from entering your home, leading to lower heating and cooling bills. When combined with insulating frames, these energy-saving entry doors help prevent air leakage that leads to drafts that increase utility costs and drafts that cause higher utility bills.


Front doors must be made from sturdy materials while remaining pleasing to the eye, offering the ideal blend of protection from weather elements while adding aesthetic value. By matching style and material choices to an exterior color theme and design theme, they should complement almost every exterior color scheme and design scheme as well as provide security and energy efficiency benefits to your home.

ProVia’s sturdy Legacy steel and Embarq fiberglass entry door styles can be tailored specifically to meet the unique requirements of your home, including polyurethane insulation cores that help reduce heating and cooling costs, moisture-resistant designs that offer better protection from adverse weather, as well as moisture resistance that offers protection from rust.

Customize your front doors further by adding sidelights or transom windows, which come in circular, full, partial formats that can be hand beveled for a refined finish. Made from energy efficient ComforTech Warm Edge glazing that helps keep interiors energy efficient yet cozy at the same time – you can even choose closers that meet ADA codes or provide “hold open” or non-hold open functionality to complete this look!