Double Pane Windows Lexington SC

Double pane windows Lexington SC

Double pane windows in Lexington SC can help your home save energy and reduce heating and cooling costs while improving insulation, keeping the temperatures warmer in winter and cooler in summer.

New windows utilize technologies that incorporate insulating gases like argon between two glass panes and low-e coating to minimize heat transfer between your house and the outside world.

Energy Efficiency

Insulated Glass Units (IGUs) in double pane windows help keep outside air and moisture out while also reducing noise by routing soundwaves through two layers of glass before reaching your ears. But if condensation or drafts form between panes of existing double pane windows, then upgrading may be necessary.

Selecting energy efficient windows with low U-factors and high visible transmittance ratings will help significantly lower your energy bills, with Energy Star-approved models even more energy-savings – perhaps qualifying you for tax credits – further offsetting replacement window costs.

Double-pane windows not only help lower energy consumption, they can also protect furniture, carpets and other belongings from sun fading. Furthermore, these windows reduce outside noise that enters your home – helping promote improved sleep and productivity – making them ideal for homeowners in urban environments where traffic noise or construction noise could disrupt your peace of mind.

Low Maintenance

Windows are an integral component of any home and an opportunity to accentuate its aesthetic or makeover. Double pane windows with custom designs add value while providing more comfortable living environments.

If your windows are old, drafty and foggy with condensation between panes, it may be time to consider replacing them. New double paned replacement windows can reduce noise pollution while simultaneously cutting energy costs and making life in your home more comfortable.

Buy double pane windows with low U-factors and high VT ratings to maximize energy efficiency. Energy Star-qualified models may qualify for federal tax credits that lower installation costs while contributing to long-term energy bill savings. Double pane windows may also help regulate airflow through walls of your home and keep indoor temperature consistent, lowering cooling costs in summer – contact a reliable window installation expert who can recommend the ideal model for your home.


Just as wearing multiple layers can protect you more effectively than one, double pane windows offer excellent insulation properties. This type of window features two glass panels separated by an air gap filled with either argon or krypton gas that acts as an insulator between them and greatly enhances their thermal performance.

Insulated windows are an excellent way to maintain the ideal interior temperature while simultaneously blocking noise pollution and excess sunlight, and are an intelligent solution for homeowners seeking to lower their environmental impact and save on energy bills.

Insulated windows also help protect furniture from too much sun fading, since harmful UV rays must pass through two panes before reaching your home – rendering their harmful UV protection less effective in protecting furniture from fading. Furthermore, insulated windows are harder to break in than their counterparts; making them safer options for homes where both children and elderly residents reside.


Double pane windows can help improve the aesthetics and value of any home. Constructed with thick insulating frames, these windows help regulate seasonal temperature fluctuations while blocking out unwanted soundwaves and saving you money on energy costs.

Argon gas between glass panes helps minimize heat loss during winter and block heat projected by the sun during summer, keeping homes comfortable year round. New windows come in a range of colors with various grid patterns and cladding materials designed to complement interior decors.

New double-pane windows can be an invaluable investment for any homeowner, as they can drastically lower utility bills while increasing property values. Available styles include double hung, casement, sliding bay & bow picture & specialty shape replacement windows to suit every style of building as well as budget constraints & considerations such as size.