Choosing Entry Doors for Your Lexington SC Home

Door dealers are adept at helping their clients select, design and install doors that fulfill their aesthetic requirements. Noisy or difficult-to-open/close doors could indicate worn hinges, moisture damage or other issues which require replacement.

Energy efficient front entry doors increase home security and lower heating/cooling costs. ProVia Legacy Steel doors feature an insulating foam core to reduce drafts and leaks that drive up utility costs; beauty Fiberglass entry doors look like authentic wood grain with numerous texture choices, stain colors, and paint finishes available to allow homeowners to customize their entries to their homes.


Fiberglass front doors were once widely considered plastic-looking imposters, but their industry has come a long way over time. Today’s fiberglass models boast convincingly textured skins and energy-saving insulation; furthermore they come equipped with numerous molding, glass, and hardware options to match any home design scheme.

Fiberglass is an adaptable material, capable of being compressed-molded into different forms. When applied to entry doors, fiberglass and steel combine to produce an insulating and durable door that prevents warping or bending while composite or wood rails offer support and reduce damage from impact.

Fiberglass is an exceptionally strong material that can also be shaped into various designs to increase durability and visual appeal. ProVia’s Signet and Embarq fiberglass entry doors use MasterGrain natural-wood finishes to achieve realistic wood grain textures while being energy efficient thanks to an ENERGY STAR certification package with high performance glass packages.


Steel doors are an ideal choice for homes and businesses, due to their strength and durability. Steel can withstand significant abuse while remaining difficult for intruders to break through, providing greater peace of mind for occupants in your space. Furthermore, fire-resistant coatings help slow fire spreading quickly so occupants have time to escape safely if a fire outbreak does occur.

Steel entry doors can be customized to your property’s aesthetics in any way you desire, adding an eye-catching element that adds character. They come with various finishes, patterns, and hardware options available so they fit any style or decor perfectly. Plus, steel is easier than other types of doors to maintain since it does not warp or rot due to temperature fluctuations.

Steel doors can help reduce energy bills by keeping cold air inside and hot air outside, as well as providing insulation against noise pollution outside of your home or business. In particular, street traffic noise outside can be particularly distracting; with steel doors installed outside your space you can enjoy peace and privacy!


Enhance the curb appeal of your Lexington home while simultaneously cutting energy bills with the purchase of new entry door. Choose from our wide range of wood entry doors to find one perfect for you and make it part of its charm!

Wood entry doors are an enduring classic. Offering unmatched beauty and durability with the added benefit of being easy to customize, wood doors come in an assortment of stains and paint colors that allow you to find one perfect for you.

ProVia wood entry doors come with an unrivaled Lifetime Limited Transferable Warranty and feature the award-winning ComforTech Warm Edge glazing system to keep the air that costs to heat or cool inside your home.

Renewal by Andersen in Columbia offers high-performance aluminum storm doors that go above and beyond industry standard with thicker walls than their counterparts as well as customized options such as glass inserts and self-storing screens to protect wood or fiberglass entry doors from the elements.


Aluminum is an inexpensive material that is strong and resilient enough to withstand corrosion and rust, with less likelihood of becoming weaker when exposed to high temperatures than steel. Although aluminum doesn’t provide energy efficiency comparable to other materials, surface treatment can enhance it significantly.

Aluminum front doors can be tailored to your unique vision with various options available to them, while remaining lightweight and aesthetically pleasing to most home styles. Maintenance requirements are minimal, as are color choices. There is even the option for full or partial windows which can be hand beveled for a custom finish!

ProVia’s exterior aluminum doors are durable and long-lasting, designed to meet the highest security standards and energy efficient with their insulated profiles and sealed glazing that produce impressive U values. Furthermore, these heavy-duty materials withstand Columbia climate well.