Window Styles For Your Lexington SC Home

Window styles Lexington SC

Replace windows that are ENERGY STAR-rated to increase energy efficiency in your home and reduce heat transfer while optimizing daylight. Look for low U-factors and high Visible Transmittance ratings (VT). This will reduce heat transfer while still maximizing daylight exposure.

Locate a provider with extensive experience installing new construction window installations and check online reviews from past clients to ensure a successful project.

Double Hung

Double-hung windows feature two opening sashes allowing increased ventilation. They’re often found in homes that boast traditional aesthetics and two-story homes alike.

Double-hung windows come in many different sizes and materials to meet any home’s individual requirements, from vinyl, wood or aluminum/clad. These versatile options can meet the unique demands of each dwelling.

Double-hung windows may cost slightly more than single-hung ones, but their increased functionality more than makes up for their higher price point. Furthermore, double-hungs come in various color choices for both their frame and sash which further make this investment worth your while.

Choose energy-efficient double-hung windows with an ENERGY STAR(r) rating to make your home more energy-efficient, like those featuring multichambered frames to help slow the transfer of heat – keeping it warm during winter and cool in summer! For optimal solar control, upgrade these new windows with low-e glass for greater solar control.


Picture windows feature large panes of glass without muntins or meeting rails to offer unobstructed views and showcase your home’s exterior beauty. They’re typically rectangular shaped, though operable windows may also be added for extra functionality and an expanded perspective. Due to their larger sizes and more expensive materials used for construction, picture windows typically cost more than regular window styles.

Addition of picture windows will instantly enhance any room by increasing natural lighting levels and decreasing energy bills while providing an instant mood booster.

Picture windows are more energy-efficient than other window styles due to not opening and closing, as they remain stationary when open or closed. To increase their energy-saving qualities even further, consider upgrades such as insulated sashes, double pane glazing or panels infused with krypton and argon gas fusion panels.


Installing windows in a new build or remodeling an existing opening? For optimal results and to ensure long-term energy efficiency, professional window installers should always be the choice. Their experienced, licensed, background-checked window installation professionals can ensure a perfect fit with your home while guaranteeing long-term energy savings.

Matte Frost Series film styles add a luxurious flair to standard glass surfaces with their diverse patterns that emphasize window lines and squares with the subtle texture of fabric fabric, offering an exciting, unique way to provide privacy while increasing natural light.

If you want something truly exceptional to make your home stand out, specialty windows could be just what’s needed. Not only can these non-operating windows add drama and visual interest, they may also help reduce energy costs by improving airflow and insulation; while our window tinting helps make life more comfortable while blocking harmful UV rays while increasing light transmission.

New Construction

Built for new construction in Lexington One school district, this two-story Craftsman dream home embodies modern sophistication and comfort. Lanterns line carriage-style garage doors, while stacked stone columns add dimension to its front porch.

New windows installed into freshly constructed spaces offer the greatest energy efficiency, so when searching for replacement window providers look for those experienced with new construction. Energy Star-rated replacement windows may help lower energy costs as these have low U-factors to help insulate against heat transfer while offering greater daylight levels than their predecessors.

Awning windows open from the bottom, making them perfect for placement above kitchen sinks and stoves as well as bathrooms where privacy is an essential factor. Window walls extend a room into the outdoors and offer breathtaking views; homeowners who wish to appreciate an impressive river or scenic landscape often favor these features as an addition to their property.