Installing Custom Windows in Lexington SC

Custom windows Lexington SC

When considering window installation, be sure to find a local company with an array of choices tailored specifically to the style and dimensions of your home. In addition, these local professionals should also help select windows with high energy efficiency ratings.

Ask about frame materials such as vinyl and aluminum; these provide great insulation while wooden frames may not be.


Windows are one of the first things that attract passersby’s eye when viewing your home and play an integral role in improving its overall aesthetic. Furthermore, they influence interior ambiance by altering how much natural light enters through them – for this reason alone it is imperative that you select windows which suit the style of your house.

When shopping for new construction windows, look for a company with an extensive consultation process and strong customer service record. This will enable you to make more informed choices, while professional installers will ensure correct installation and prevent energy loss down the road.

Lexington Window Installation offers an impressive selection of double hung, casement, picture and bay windows for your home backed by their factory direct warranty.

Energy efficiency

Windows that are aged and worn can cause your energy bills to skyrocket and make your house cold, as well as allow drafts in and reduce efficiency. To avoid these problems, it is wise to hire a professional Lexington window installation service; their expert installers will assist in selecting energy-efficient yet attractive windows for installation quickly and efficiently.

Select replacement windows with low U-factors and VT ratings to save energy costs, then insulate with denser than air argon gas to maximize insulation. When building new homes, seek windows with Energy Star certification as this may qualify you for tax credits.

Search online for “window installation Lexington SC.” Look through photos of windows you like before contacting window contractors for more information about their products; many even provide custom-made options that fit with your personal style!


Lexington window installation companies provide many options for replacing existing windows with new ones, including insert or pocket installation methods wherein new windows are placed into an existing frame, which works well for repairing broken ones or adding ventilation where it doesn’t exist. Other Lexington home window contractors also offer retrofit or hybrid installations wherein some elements of an old frame remain while installing a new sash or glass in it.

Double-hung windows feature upper and lower sashes that move vertically up and down for improved airflow and more versatility than single-hung windows, with greater airflow as a result. Customization options exist that fit any unique space or style, including color choices for handles, grilles and grid designs to meet any requirement you might have. Look for double-hung windows with low U-factors and high Visible Transmittance ratings in order to save energy while still letting in natural light; UV blocking glass helps shield furniture from fade damage as well.


No matter the age of your home, window replacement and installation options can add value and help save on energy costs. Choose from vinyl, aluminum, or wood frames to maximize savings while protecting the environment.

Finding a qualified window installation company is crucial in making the best selection for your home. They should be certified by major window brands and possess excellent local references, while being committed to customer service excellence and ethical business practices.

Boost the curb appeal and comfort of your Lexington home with new windows from Sears! They’ll help reduce energy bills while simultaneously increasing its value and curb appeal. Our selection includes double-hung windows, sliding doors, bay and bow windows, casement windows and picture windows that meet ENERGY STAR(r) ratings to lower energy costs while making life more comfortable year-round.