Energy Efficient Replacement Windows for Your Lexington SC Home

Replacement windows Lexington SC

No matter if your windows have reached their prime or you simply wish to upgrade them, window installation experts can be of great assistance in choosing the most suitable options for both home style and budget.

Energy-efficient windows can lower your energy bills and make your house more comfortable, even though they may cost more initially. Over time, however, their savings will make up the difference in cost savings.


Energy-efficient windows can help keep heating and cooling costs under control while making your home quieter, adding value, and increasing property worth. We are here to assist whether it be single-pane replacements or new construction installations – let us put our experience and expertise to work for you!

Our ENERGY STAR(r) windows feature lower U-factors and high VT ratings to maximize efficiency, helping reduce heat transfer through windows in extreme climates. Furthermore, they come equipped with warm edge spacers to prevent energy loss as well as Low-E glass to minimize UV rays while still letting in natural light.


Single-Hung windows are more energy-efficient than their double-hung counterparts as only the bottom sash opens to let in cool air and expel hot air out, thereby cutting energy costs by allowing cool air into your home while warm air escapes through ventilation systems.

As heat rises to upper floors, single-hung windows may not provide adequate ventilation – making double-hung windows the superior choice for two-story homes.

Select windows featuring Low-E glass coating to make replacement windows more energy-efficient, as this helps keep heat out in summer and warm air out during winter. Furthermore, adding Argon gas between panes of glass can enhance insulation even further.


Double-hung windows are energy-efficient windows with two operable sashes that open and close for ventilation purposes, helping keep cool air inside in summer and warm air out in winter.

Upgrade your home with triple-pane windows, which feature three glass panes to increase insulation and minimize energy loss. Their low U-factor and visible transmittance (VT) ratings make them an excellent choice for new construction windows as well as retrofit installations that help save on energy costs.

Frame Material

Frame materials make a big impact when it comes to window installations projects, with aluminum and vinyl being two top choices. Both options can be coated to look like wood graining; however, vinyl offers greater durability and offers more realistic looks.

Energy efficiency depends heavily on window pane count; double-pane windows typically offer better insulation than single pane ones, and additional layers of protection can be provided by filling any unused spaces between your windows with denser gases like argon gas which helps seal thermal leaks to keep your home warm in winter and cool in summer.

Argon Gas

Argon gas windows can help save on energy costs by being denser than air, preventing heat transfer through windows. Plus, their non-toxic composition means argon gas windows become even more energy-efficient! When combined with Low-E coatings they even become more energy-efficient.

Double-pane windows that contain argon gas tend to be more energy efficient than single pane ones; however, their seals may become leaky over time due to weather exposure, poor installation or age; when this occurs condensation builds up between the glass panes.

Window professionals can quickly assess how much argon gas remains in double-pane windows using a metering device, and correcting for even small amounts lost may not be necessary.

Energy Star

ENERGY STAR certified replacement windows have been rigorously tested to meet minimum energy efficiency standards. In addition, these energy efficient replacement windows come with additional upgrades that increase home comfort while saving on heating and cooling bills.

As an example, double-hung windows with sashes that move up and down provide better ventilation than single-hung windows; they may even qualify for tax credits. But to achieve the double hung certification label, manufacturers must go above and beyond traditional storm and double glazed window manufacturers; they must feature double glazing with Low E coating and an air space equalling R 3 between panes – this provides significant increases in insulation value over standard storm windows.