Window Replacement Cost in Lexington SC

Window replacement cost Lexington SC

Replaced windows can be an investment in your home. Finding a trustworthy Lexington window installation company with local experience will ensure you find energy-efficient window installations and have peace of mind knowing their services have been thoroughly background-checked and reviewed for safety purposes.

Energy-efficient windows can help lower both your carbon footprint and utility bills, protecting your investment while increasing its value.


Double-pane windows are an economical and energy-efficient choice when replacing home windows, offering both cost and energy efficiency benefits. These windows consist of two glass panes separated by an insulating spacer filled with gas such as argon or krypton for enhanced performance.

These windows can help lower energy costs while making your home quieter and more comfortable, as well as increase its value and qualify you for tax credits – making the extra investment worth its while.


Low E windows feature an innovative coating designed to block less solar radiation into homes by decreasing heat and UV light permeability. The metallic oxide coating is invisible and nontoxic – offering even more peace of mind!

Insulating power of Energy Star windows with U-factor of 0.30 or lower will offer the greatest insulation benefits, keeping your home warmer from November through March and reducing familial thermostat offences. To get maximum effect, look for windows rated Energy Star with this rating.

Argon gas

Argon gas windows can help reduce utility bills over time as their increased efficiency reduces reactions between light bulb filaments and their glass bulbs, and argon, the inert gas contained within these windows, without blackening.

Argon gas acts as a superb insulator, keeping cold out and helping avoid frost accumulation in winter months. A window professional can install this affordable upgrade into any double-paned window to add value and keep you comfortable inside your home.

Energy Star

Replacing old windows with energy-saving, ENERGY STAR-approved replacements can reduce energy costs by as much as 12 percent nationwide while simultaneously decreasing greenhouse gas emissions.

Energy-efficient windows with lower U-factor and higher VT rating will keep your home cooler in summer and warmer in winter.

Energy-efficient windows can help lower cooling costs and qualify for tax credits. Talk to a window installation professional about all of your options; they know which windows would best fit for your climate.

Frame material

Window frames play a critical role in keeping homes warm and snug by providing insulation against cold drafts while simultaneously protecting glass panes from breakage. They also add visual interest to home exteriors, with different frames available from wood, fiberglass, and aluminum materials.

Wood frames can be costly and maintenance intensive, needing regular inspection for mold and rot. Fiberglass offers an economical alternative, providing greater moisture resistance and longer lifespan than aluminum while its hollow cavities allow insulation filling to provide superior thermal performance compared to wood and vinyl frames.


Single-hung windows feature a lower window sash that moves vertically up and down while the upper window remains fixed, providing easy maintenance and ventilation. They’re great for cleaning purposes!

Double-hung windows give you the ability to adjust humidity levels, reduce mildew growth and air out unpleasant odors by opening both top and bottom sashes independently, as well as tilt them inward for easy cleaning. They’re also useful in offering easier access to both panes of glass for cleaning purposes.

Single-hung and double-hung windows are among the most commonly installed replacement windows in Lexington SC, though other forms include casement windows, slider windows and pocket doors.

Insert or pocket

Installers use pocket replacement to affix new windows “inside” an existing frame, leaving both interior and exterior trim (casing) undamaged during this process that often costs less and takes less time than full frame installations.

However, this method doesn’t allow your contractor to fully inspect the casing and trim for rot or water damage like they would during a full replacement, and may result in a smaller glass area than expected – making it an attractive solution for homeowners wanting to keep their current frames.


Retrofit windows can be an economical and aesthetic solution for homeowners who wish to save money while improving the appearance of their home. Installation is straightforward, while numerous benefits exist such as increased energy efficiency.

Your first priority when choosing Lexington window replacement companies should be finding one with professional window installation specialists and offering high-quality products. Also be sure to research their background and references as reputable Lexington window replacement firms will strive for customer happiness and satisfaction, giving you maximum return for your investment.