Why Choose Vinyl Windows?

Replacement windows can help lower energy bills, add value to your home, and protect from harmful UV rays. Which type you select depends on your preferences and budget.

Vinyl windows are an increasingly popular choice among homeowners. If you’re in the market for replacement windows, consider why vinyl may be right for your home:

They’re Energy-Efficient

Vinyl windows in Lexington SC boast excellent energy-saving abilities, thanks to their excellent insulation properties and reduced air drafts – saving money on utility bills in the process.

These carpets don’t swell or shrink with weather changes and require minimal upkeep; furthermore, they help make your home quiet by absorbing external noises.

Energy Star-rated windows can help increase their efficiency by offering lower U-factors and higher Visible Transmittance (VT) ratings, thus decreasing how much heat enters during summer and cold air enters during winter, leading to dramatic energy cost savings.

Check for windows equipped with argon gas filling and Low-E glass coating upgrades as these upgrades ensure superior insulation and more daylight in your living space. They can be found as options on many window styles such as sliders, double-hungs, casements, and picture windows and are often covered by strong warranties that include double lifetime guarantees that can help sell homes later on.

They’re Recyclable

While wooden windows require considerable amounts of environmental resources to maintain, vinyl is durable and requires only mild soap and water solutions to stay looking their best – eliminating the need for harsh cleaners, paints, stains, sealants or any other product which contribute to non-vinyl materials degrading faster.

Sears replacement window models that are certified ENERGY STAR(r) can help offset energy efficiency costs while increasing home comfort and performance, keeping warm air inside while cold air remains outside. Look for models with low U-factors and high Visible Transmittance Ratings (VTs). This will maximize energy savings.

Vinyl manufacturing uses less petroleum than most plastics, making it a more eco-friendly material. If you need to dispose of nonworking window, Lexington County Collection and Recycling Centers accept it for recycling; just remember to place it loose in one of their carts or dumpsters without bagging it first!

They’re Durable

Vinyl windows offer many advantages over wooden ones when it comes to maintenance, rot resistance and insect infestation. Furthermore, vinyl resists fading, chipping, cracking and warping for long-lasting beauty that won’t fade, chip or warp! With vinyl you will have beautiful windows for many years to come.

Vinyl can withstand harsh weather conditions, including freezing temperatures and high winds. Furthermore, its easy maintenance requires just soap and water – keeping it looking new is never a chore with vinyl!

ENERGY STAR-rated windows may be an ideal solution for your Lexington home if you are replacing your windows. These energy-saving windows offer superior insulation to help reduce energy costs by keeping heated air inside while cold air outside, plus come in various shapes, sizes and colors to fit any style or decor. To get started with replacing your windows, schedule a free in-home consultation from Sears Home Services specialists who are on hand to answer your questions about finding replacements windows that match up perfectly with your style of home; plus our HVAC services include heating/AC installation/repair, siding repair/installation services as well as kitchen remodeling/upgrade services among others!

They’re Affordable

When selecting replacement windows to update the aesthetics and add value of your home, choose something that will both improve aesthetics and add real financial benefits. Not only can energy-efficient vinyl windows Lexington SC make life quieter and more beautiful while saving on energy bills; you could save even more by selecting models with lower U-factors and high Visible Transmittance ratings that reduce cooling and heating expenses in summer, while keeping plenty of natural light.

Sears Home Services experts are available to help enhance the curb appeal or lower energy bills with your window installation project. We offer complimentary in-home consultations, and every project comes complete with its own dedicated project manager to ensure a smooth experience from start to finish. To begin today, call or click today and schedule your free estimate estimate!