Different Door Styles for Different Home Styles

Door styles Lexington SC

Lexington is well known for its quality schools, low crime rates, and charming small-town atmosphere, but Lexington’s population boom threatens these qualities.

Selecting the ideal door selections can have an enormous effect on aesthetics and security while lowering heating/cooling costs in the home. Learn how you can make informed choices for the doors in your home.


Vinyl doors are highly resilient and an increasingly popular choice among many homeowners. Their sloped sill design allows water to drain away quickly while being resistant to peeling, flaking, rotting and corrosion – plus they’re heavily insulated which increases energy efficiency in your home.

Lightweight machines make them easier to install and use, making them an excellent choice for households with senior citizens or children. Furthermore, these lightweight units are easy to keep clean without much need for maintenance.

They come in an assortment of colors and styles, making it easier than ever to find something to complement the aesthetic of your Lexington, SC, home. Additionally, they’re energy efficient while boasting sleek modern looks – ideal for homes in Lexington that may experience harsher climate conditions.


No home style can match the timeless warmth of wood doors Lexington SC, making them an excellent addition to many home environments. Additionally, they can make homes more energy-efficient. While wood requires more upkeep than vinyl and aluminum options, regular staining and sealing should extend their lifespan for decades.

At Door Store of Austin, we offer an assortment of door types and finishes to match the style of any home. For example, Lexington, Wynnbrook, Charleston, Sanibel Annfield Rochelle doors are suitable for traditional-inspired homes while Savannah Hampton Bayfront doors can provide modern homeowners with more contemporary aesthetics. Furthermore, our showrooms provide more information about this selection – come visit yours!


Steel doors are highly resilient, able to withstand high-traffic areas while lasting longer and requiring less maintenance than other kinds of doors. Plus, there’s an array of styles and colors to suit any home or business!

Weather-resistant fences provide homeowners with extra security on their property while being easier for do-it-yourself homeowners to erect themselves. They’re an excellent way to add elegance and sophistication to a property and can save homeowners both money and effort when working on them themselves.

Clopay steel entry doors are energy efficient, featuring an insulating foam to combat drafts and leaks that could otherwise impact energy costs. They also feature narrower sightlines than other door materials to let more natural light fill your room – an advantage which also improves curb appeal! Furthermore, Clopay offers numerous panel and glass options.


For a contemporary aesthetic in your home, aluminum doors offer many advantages. Not only are they lightweight and resistant to corrosion, they provide outstanding energy efficiency as well.

Wood doors offer more choices when it comes to colors and styles to find something to complement the aesthetic of your house, plus are more cost-effective than composite counterparts without compromising on quality.

Aluminum storm doors provide an essential extra layer of protection to help preserve the exterior of your home, helping prevent leaks and drafts that increase heating and cooling costs. They come with various glass options as well as self-storing screens to meet all your needs.


Glass can make any home seem bright and airy. From windows and doors to custom shower door glass Lexington SC, use of this material can add light and airiness. Be sure to partner with an experienced local professional when using this delicate material in any form of construction or remodelling project.

Houzz provides an easy way to find reliable glass dealers by browsing its listings of residential and commercial glass services. When making your choice, look for companies offering complimentary in-home consultations so you can discuss your project directly with them.

Sliding glass doors provide the ideal way to connect indoor and outdoor living spaces in your house, creating one coherent living environment. Furthermore, their varied design options allow them to fit seamlessly with any aesthetic imaginable. When searching for Energy Star-qualified windows that optimize insulation performance and daylighting abilities look for U-factor ratings with high visible transmittance ratings; such as Energy Star windows with low U-factors.