Door Installation Lexington SC

Door installation Lexington SC

Door installation Lexington SC requires professional expertise for a hassle-free experience. Choose doors with low U-factors and high VT ratings to reduce energy costs while improving daylighting capabilities.

Insert or pocket installation can be quicker and cheaper than full replacement; inquire with potential contractors as to their approximate completion timeframes for these types of jobs.

Single-Hung Windows

Window installation can be an attractive, cost-efficient investment when renovating or expanding an existing home. By selecting appropriate types of windows, window installation can help your space become quieter, more energy-efficient, and more aesthetically pleasing. Sears offers an excellent selection of replacement double-hung, casement, and sliding windows as well as all ENERGY STAR(r) certified options.

Single-Hung Windows

Single-hung windows are the classic form of residential window found throughout America and are often chosen for older homes to maintain authenticity. While more cost-effective than double-hung options, single-hungs also provide less ventilation options and ventilation capacity.

Sliding windows (commonly referred to as sliders) are an economical and practical choice that maximizes window area while providing natural lighting and ventilation. Consider double-pane windows equipped with Low-E glass to lower energy costs while decreasing U-factor, the amount of heat transmitted into your home. Tinted windows add privacy, block UV rays to protect skin health, keep rooms cooler, lower AC/heating costs, and increase comfort levels in any given space.

Double-Hung Windows

Windows are an integral component of your home, contributing both aesthetically and energy efficiently. Replacement windows enhance comfort, add value, and bring natural light into the interior space of your home. Our experts can assist in selecting the ideal single-hung, sliding, or casement style window solution for you home.

Sliding windows open horizontally on a track, providing maximum window area and unobstructed views of your surroundings. Plus, sliding windows contain less moving parts which reduces their risk of failure over time.

Double-hung windows give a similar aesthetic as sliding windows while providing more airflow control for your home. Our selection of double-hung windows comes in various colors and styles to complement the architecture of any building in which they are installed.

Energy-Efficient Windows

As homeowners become more conscious of their energy usage, many are opting for replacement windows with energy-saving properties to maintain comfort both winter and summer, lower utility bills, eliminate drafts, and create a more eco-friendly living environment.

For lower heating and cooling costs, consider selecting double-pane windows that have been certified with the ENERGY STAR label. They’re specially engineered to keep warm air inside while cold air remains outside – helping lower costs while decreasing carbon emissions.

Find windows bearing the ENERGY STAR label to ensure you are investing in high-quality products. The label requires meeting several energy efficiency criteria such as U-factor and solar heat gain coefficient (SHGC). The lower U-factor, the more energy-efficient your window is; this measurement takes into account frame, spacers and glass to assess its insulating abilities.

Storm Doors

Installing a storm door to your home provides extra protection from the elements and can lower energy bills. A storm door is a second outer door with interchangeable glass or window screen panels that provides extra insulation from cold climates while still allowing airflow for summer breezes.

Storm doors made of aluminum can significantly extend the durability of an entry door, as they come in various styles to complement its colors and patterns.

Some storm doors feature ventilating styles, enabling you to move the glass panel up or down for additional ventilation in your home – especially useful during spring and summer’s scorching heat! It makes an excellent alternative to traditional screen doors.