Door Styles for Your Lexington SC Home

Lexington SC residents know the significance of choosing doors when renovating their houses is immense, both visually and functionally. Door choices not only influence aesthetics but can also significantly impact security measures as well as heating/cooling costs.

Add an extra level of security to your home with a ProVia storm door, featuring 20% thicker aluminum walls than standard storm doors to form a stronger barrier against intruders.

Single-Hung Windows

Single hung windows offer an affordable and straightforward option for your home. Their lower sash moves vertically to let in fresh air while their upper sash remains fixed – perfect for areas with limited vertical space and creating an elegant aesthetic suitable for any architectural style.

Double hung windows can add beauty and light to any home, yet are less effective for ventilation than their single counterparts. Double-hung windows feature upper and lower sashes which slide open for air circulation; their sashes also tilt inward, making cleaning from within easier.

Lexington SC’s unpredictable climate requires window solutions that can withstand both sunny days and rainy nights, such as vinyl replacement windows. Our double-pane windows are Energy Star(r) certified for maximum energy savings, plus they can even be upgraded with Low-E coatings to increase their energy efficiency even further. Vinyl replacement windows have become the go-to choice among Lexington homeowners due to their weatherproof qualities and versatility; that is why vinyl replacement windows have become such an appealing choice.

Entry Doors

Durable entry doors protect your home from the elements while simultaneously adding curb appeal and increasing its resale value. Exterior doors must withstand severe weather conditions without warping, cracking or warping while being easy to keep clean – these requirements can be met through proper selection and installation from local door dealers.

Fiberglass entry doors are more durable than wood, offering a range of glass options to enhance both style and functionality of a front door. Fiberglass doors from ProVia come with various sizes, textures (smooth or wood grain), stain and paint options so homeowners can personalize them according to their tastes.

Storm doors provide extra protection to a custom front door while also helping reduce leaks and drafts that drive up heating and cooling costs. Incorporating energy efficient windows from Renewal by Andersen or ProVia into their design can further optimize home performance.

Storm Doors

Storm doors provide your exterior door with extra protection, helping extend its lifespan and safeguard it against inclement weather like rain, hail and ice that could potentially cause damage to it. They also keep out insects, debris and pests while letting sunlight into your home.

These panels come in an assortment of styles to match any home’s aesthetic, featuring either glass panels or ventilating screens to offer ventilation. You can easily swap out panels depending on seasonal changes.

Professional storm door installation companies are available across the country, so asking friends, family or your community for recommendations to find the ideal one. Each contractor may charge different prices; you should shop around to get the best offer possible to save yourself some money when installing your new door. Choosing a professional could save you significant amounts in installation fees!

Replacement Windows

Your windows are an integral component of a comfortable home environment. Improper insulation or age can lead to high energy bills and drafts as well as reduced aesthetic appeal; choosing replacement window styles, materials, and installation methods carefully is key for creating a comfortable, energy efficient living environment.

Lexington window installation companies can assist in choosing between new construction or retrofit windows for new openings or existing frames, making retrofit installations an economical solution. New construction windows install directly into brand-new openings; insert or pocket installations work within existing frames and are much less costly than full replacement options.

Consideration should also be given to the number of glass panes when considering Lexington window replacement options. Double-pane windows offer an optimal combination of cost and efficiency, and opting for Low-E glass and argon gas can further boost insulation performance by reflecting harmful UV rays while blocking infrared heat; both features help keep homes warmer during the winter and cooler during the summer.