Residential Windows in Lexington SC

Residential windows Lexington SC

Home windows in Lexington SC will help your home feel more secure while cutting utility costs. Energy-efficient replacement windows with low U-factors and high Visible Transmittance (VT) ratings should be your focus when shopping around for replacements.

Choose a local window installation company with years of experience and an impressive customer track record, such as positive online feedback, Better Business Bureau reports or references.

Double Hung Windows

Double-hung windows allow airflow into both of your rooms with ease; this feature makes double-hung windows especially suitable for two-story homes. Furthermore, their double sashes make them easier to maintain than their single counterparts.

They feature durable vinyl frames designed for energy efficiency. SunShield vinyl is uniquely formulated to withstand rot, corrosion, insect infestation and rust while offering excellent color retention and weatherproof properties in southern exposure areas.

As another way of increasing energy efficiency, choosing windows certified with the ENERGY STAR(r) can further help save on energy bills while adding natural lighting into your living spaces. By selecting windows with low U-factors and higher Visible Transmittance ratings from this manufacturer you could further decrease costs while taking advantage of natural sunlight in more ways than one.

Picture Windows

Add visual appeal and privacy without closing off rooms with sunlight with decorative windows that add visual interest and privacy. This patterned series of geometric lines and squares moves and shifts, giving a range of coverage levels, styles, and moods for every mood and coverage level.

Energy Star-approved models can help increase insulation in your home and lower energy bills. Look for models with low U-factors and high VT ratings to keep temperatures cooler in summer and warmer in winter while letting more daylight into living spaces.

Enhance the security and comfort of your home with professional residential window tinting from Lexington’s Tint World(r). This local installer offers home and car window tint that blocks harmful UV rays, fosters privacy and insulates to reduce cooling/heating costs.

Specialty Windows

At times, traditional window shapes don’t mesh with your home design perfectly – that’s when custom or specialty windows come into their own.

These windows were created with originality and privacy in mind. Their patterns consist of lines and squares which move with ease to provide different coverage levels, styles, and moods.

These windows are built to last. Their durable frames seal securely against drafts in any climate for a draft-free and cozy home interior. Furthermore, these windows bring more natural light into your living spaces for increased curb appeal that helps create bright and airy living environments in your home.

Bay & Bow Windows

Bay and bow windows add an attractive aesthetic to your home, while also letting in more light to fill the room and creating an intimate spot for seating or relaxation.

These windows typically consist of three to six equally sized window panes set within angled frames that extend past the walls of your home, often combined with non-operable picture window units or double hung flankers that can open.

Bay windows tend to be more costly than standard replacement windows due to requiring structural modifications to your house’s frame, roof and siding. When determining their cost you must also take into account project scope as well as window styles, materials and additional features such as security bars.

Casement Windows

Casement windows feature hinges at either end, opening outward via a crank handle for ventilation purposes and come in many styles – bay or bow windows are just two such examples!

Costs associated with window sizes, frame materials, and brands vary significantly; to get an accurate quote for installation and removal services in your area. Consult a contractor directly.

Selecting energy-efficient windows in Lexington will save money on heating and cooling bills. Look for low U-factors and VT ratings, low-E coatings, double pane construction and other features to increase performance. A reliable installer should also have a successful track record in installing energy-efficient windows successfully.

Sliding Windows

Sliding windows open by sliding horizontally along a track in their window frames, providing a clear view of the outdoors while increasing natural lighting in smaller homes. Furthermore, sliding windows make cleaning much simpler, and are an ideal option for low ceilinged rooms that need ventilation.

Sliding window designs come equipped with various U-factors and VT ratings to help save energy, and Energy Star-qualified models may qualify you for tax credits.

Taylors Windows offers a selection of premium replacement windows with customization capabilities and factory direct warranties to meet the aesthetic and performance needs of your home. Let our experienced staff help you select the appropriate windows to increase its aesthetic appeal and performance.