Why Front Entry Doors Are So Important

Your front door makes an impactful statement about its beauty and quality performance, both of which must withstand adverse weather conditions and everyday wear and tear to remain looking its best for years.

Add sidelights and transoms to a solid front door to let in more natural light or to match your home’s design style.

Curb Appeal

Your front entrance provides the first impression to potential buyers of your property, and an unattractive exterior could dissuade them from even considering viewing it further. On the other hand, an attractive and cared-for front door may make them curious to learn more about what lies within its walls.

Front doors should do more than protect from the elements – they should also add aesthetic value and reflect your personal taste. Lexington door dealers and installers offer comprehensive assistance when it comes to selecting and designing doors that suit both budget and personal taste.

Double doors with sidelights and transom can add both visual appeal and additional lighting to your entryway, or opting for a front door with glass panels and molding as the centerpiece of your entranceway. For added security, consider selecting doors with easy locksets that open and close effortlessly or vent-equipped storm doors from Renewal by Andersen as they offer vented storm doors that can offer protection from the elements.

Energy Efficiency

Your front door can be an energy drain if it is poorly insulated, letting heat escape during summer and welcoming warm air in during winter – leading to higher heating and cooling bills. An energy-efficient door keeps more money within your home where it belongs.

Energy efficiency should be of primary concern in your front door material and insulation properties of its glass pane. Aim for low U-factor and visible transmittance (VT).

Fiberglass insulation is the superior choice when it comes to energy efficiency. Unlike steel, fiberglass doesn’t conduct heat as readily; plus its polyurethane core helps further decrease energy loss. Furthermore, its ability to combat high summer temperatures keeps your home cool and comfortable!

Renewal by Andersen offers aluminum storm doors that are built to outshone industry-standard products and come in trendy designs that include side lites and transoms for added protection of new exterior doors.


Your entry door needs to be durable enough to withstand extreme weather and everyday use, while providing security and peace of mind to you and your family as well as visitors.

Under-constructed front doors can allow air leakage into your home, increasing energy costs and heating or cooling bills. Energy-efficient entry doors make life more comfortable while saving money.

Energy-efficient ProVia Legacy Steel and Embarq fiberglass doors feature thermal breaks between their inner and outer skins to prevent unwanted heat or cold from entering your home, insulated foam insulation and long-term durability, along with solid panels to protect the deadbolt area and hardware for extra security.


The door is one of the most noticeable parts of any home and often draws in guests’ first glance upon entering. Onlookers linger outside waiting for someone to answer a knock or doorbell; therefore it is imperative to maintain high quality exterior doors which look and function correctly.

As with other aspects of your home, doors require regular care and upkeep in order to look their best and continue functioning optimally. Door sweeps must be regularly checked for wear or tear to prevent debris from entering the sill, while weatherstripping should be checked for signs of wear or tear during regular cleaning sessions – to check this aspect, simply run your hand along the bottom and sides of your door to test its weatherstripping – if a draft appears, new weatherstripping might be required!

Renewal by Andersen or ProVia storm doors provide extra protection for your entryway, boasting 20% thicker aluminum walls than industry-standard products and coming equipped with glass inserts and self-storing screens for added versatility.